Shameful occurrence

Published 4:00 pm Friday, June 12, 2009

This is a letter that I had rather not have to write, but write it, I must.

The Bryant and Roff families own a double lot at Oak City Cemetery. On this family plot, 10 beloved kin are already buried: Four females and six males. All six males have served for varying lengths of time in the military service of this country—these United States of America.

As most folks know, this former military service entitles each of them to have a small American flag implanted at their grave site. It has been my desire, and indeed my obligation, to see that flags are kept there.

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Along with some assistance from Phillips-Jester Post 4904 Veterans of Foreign Wars, I have been able to continue this small, but meaningful, display of respect and appreciation.

On Sunday afternoon, June 7, I rode by the cemetery, and, to my shock and dismay, saw that all six flags were gone.

To add insult to injury, someone had placed a “poopie” baby’s diaper in the center of the plot.

I state “someone” because no four-legged creature had done so. It was not damaged in any way … just carefully wrapped and plainly placed there.

Not only have these actions been hurtful to our family, but what in the world is the meaning of so shameful an occurrence?

Johnny W. Bryant