Alert neighbor foils burglary

Published 4:37 pm Friday, June 12, 2009

Sheriff’s deputies arrested two men after an Attapulgus woman reported a burglary taking place at a neighbor’s home on June 5.

The woman told police she had been leaving her home when she saw two men, walking between her house and her neighbor’s home on Thomas Avenue in Attapulgus, according to incident reports.

She walked to the rear of her neighbor’s home and saw an open window. Looking inside she saw the two men, Markeith Dantrell Miller, 20, of 606 Wautaugh Road in Attapulgus and Antron Kinder, 22, of 111 Anderson St. in Bainbridge, whom she recognized. She told the men to leave and then called the police.

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When Decatur County Sheriff’s investigators arrived, they found a number of items placed near a back window, according to the report.

Investigators determined that the men gained entry into the home by kicking in the front door of the home.

Miller and Kinder were arrested and charged with burglary.

Disrupting airport’s radio

On June 7, an employee of the Decatur County Aviation Terminal contacted the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office in reference to someone jamming the radio frequency they use to communicate with aircraft.

The employee said that for nearly 20 minutes, someone was using the unicom system by playing music through it. In doing so, the person could have prevented aircraft from landing at the airpark, according to the employee.

The incident was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is also being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office.

Catalytic converters reported stolen

Three people reported having their catalytic converters stolen from their vehicles over a two-day period this week.

Catalytic converters are devices used to reduce the toxicity of emissions coming from internal combustion engines.

On Wednesday, a man reported going fishing early in the morning, leaving his vehicle at Stone’s Landing off Ten Mile Still Road. When he returned he found that the catalytic converter had been removed from his truck.

A nearly identical theft occurred on Thursday at a boat landing on Horseshoe Bend Road. A man told police he went fishing in his boat and when he returned, the catalytic converted on his truck had been stolen.

The same day, a catalytic converter was reported stolen from a van owned by Trinity Baptist Church that was located on the church’s property.

The converters are commonly stolen because they contain copper, which can be stripped and recycled for cash.