Hunters, take notice

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There are approximately 90 million Americans who own firearms in America and its territories. There is about 60 million members of the NRA “National Rifle Association,” who happens to be the one great organization that’s keeping your government from taking your automatic shotguns, rifles and pistals away from you.

Quail hunters, duck hunters, deer hunters, take notice!

Thank goodness, Mr. Maddox, our state representative, is a gun owner, Mr. Chamblis, our U.S. senator, is also a gun owner, our governor is a gun owner and loves to hunt and our congressman, Sanford Bishop is a long-time member of the NRA. So we here in Georgia are doing good.

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Other thoughts on the same matter. Have you tried to buy bullets lately?

Thirty-eight, 350, 357, 9mm, m-1 Carbine?  Try it next time you go shopping. My thoughts on that is 22 shorts and longs don’t take but one in the right place to stop a burgler. It brings to mind what Thomas Jefferson sed, “He who goes home from war and beats his sword into plow shares will work for the man that don’t.”

The weekly Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Tournament held out of Wingate’s drew 19 boats and was able to pay three places. No. 1 went to Stevens and Skinner with a 6.8-pound bass, No. 2 went to McIntosh and McIntosh with a 5.85-pound bass, and No. 3 went to Thornton and Childree with a 5.46-pound bass. All the bass was in good shape and released alive.

The following clubs fished last weekend: Lake City Bassmasters, C&R, Rental Services Co. had 86 boats out of the boat basin in Bainbridge, Media Bass out of the Creek, to me that would mount up to about a pile of boats. Our own Paul Tyre and Nic Jeter took 11th place, and Mr. Tyre caught the Big Fish in the RSC tournament.

Bass has been the fish of the week this week. Monday a boat reported a five, eight and a 10.  Another boat reported a six and a seven and 18 others on top and spinners.  Wednesday a boat reported nine bass on spinners and a limit of bass taken on spinners, Thursday 20 bass taken on spinners, another limit of bass taken on plastic.

Bream beds were good all this week on crickets, but the best catches came on flyrods. Thanks to the May Flies. Sixty, 75 and 129 bream were reported in one day.

Now for them that don’t know, What did Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower have in common? During their time in office, they deported more than 17 million illegal aliens.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

June 8, 2009

Lake surface temp:77Lake level: Near fullLake clarity: Muddy near channelFlint: CloudySpring Creek: ClearReport provided by: Jack Wingate