Bring in Bucky by scent bombs

Published 4:04 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This past week I enjoyed a trip to Mississippi to attend a hunting products show. Some new stuff was there and looked easy enough for the average hunter to use and expect some success while doing so.

Of course if you are happy with what your yearly deer harvest is at the present time, don’t worry about any of these new products and some of the newer hunters can use them and may improve their hour hunted-to-deer-killed ratio.

The first thing I ran into was the Tink’s 69 Buck Bomb. You have most probably heard of the Buck Bomb and the Hog Bomb. These have been great products bringing great success to the hunters that have used them.

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This fall you will see a Tink’s 69 Buck Bomb in your favorite store, and I think it will help you get that as well as those bucks and a number of does. Another product from them that is new is a scent dispenser that when you take it from the package activates a heating process and warms the Tink’s 69 in it causing it to travel farther faster. This unit is small and lightweight and will usually last your entire morning hunt. Two of these units come in a single package so that you can open a fresh one for your afternoon hunt or save it to use another day.

Code Blue has something similar to the heating units from Tinks. It is a nice looking unit that you can put your favorite scent in and use during the hunt. You put a third of an ounce in the unit and turn it on. Not only does it force the scent out from the unit, but it heats the scent to around body temperature, the high 90s. With these new scent dispensers out there, all you have to do is decide which to use first. Then use the other one and pick the one you think is best and use it every trip. It might have only been better for that one day, so be willing to change back if need be. I think you will find that both of them work nicely.

There is one more out there that has been designed to use with the aerosol scents like the Buck Bomb and the Tink’s 69 Buck Bomb. It is called the Buck Mister because it sends out a fine mist of scent that can and will be carried throughout the area that you have put the unit in. It works like a deodorizer in a building. You hear it cycle every so often and it puts out a very appealing scents in the building. As buck scents are not known for their appealing scent, what the Buck Mister puts out will not be appealing to you, but very much so to the big buck you are chasing. This unit has a “patent pending” clock and timer. You can literally set this unit to mist out scent at a certain time and do this days, weeks or even months in advance.

The hunter has the option to preprogram up to 99 exact times and dates they want the unit to dispense the scent. The clock has a countdown timer that will let the hunter know when to come back and put in another canister. The unit is not as large as a football and is made from some very hard plastic. If you mount it on a tree, a bear would be capable of tearing it off and destroying it. We don’t have that many bears around, so the chance of that happening in Decatur County is remote at best. If a big, old, wild hog got to it, he or she might damage it also. To solve that problem, put it high enough to keep a hog from being able to reach it.

By putting it out and leaving it, you will give the unit time to disperse scent and cover any human scent you might have inadvertently left in the woods. Leaving it in the woods and programed to send out scent several times during the day, you are attracting deer to you hunting area even though you are not there.

The Buck Bomb aerosol is cheap enough to use day and night. Don’t set the unit to send out scent at night. You may be training the deer to be nocturnal, and that means you are training and conditioning them to feed at night when you are not supposed to be in the woods. You can dispense scent just before dusk and right after dawn. You want this unit to help you legally get that big buck.

These other scent companies have been challenged now and we expect them to come with a better unit by the time the fall deer season opens here in the deep south. Watch and listen.