State was right in voter verification

Published 3:49 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

Every now and then, something happens that just defies all common sense. Such things seem to be happening regularly since Obama has taken office.

One of the most recent things that his administration has done is so far out of line that it makes my head spin.

Georgia has been of the leaders in the nation in implementing a fair and reasonable voting requirement process. Our Secretary of State has led the way in forging a process that allows Georgia to verify the identity of a voter, including his/her U.S. citizenship. The courts have upheld the process and everything seemed good.

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Makes sense, right?

We simply want to make sure that when you vote in Georgia, that you are who you say you are and that you are indeed a U.S. citizen. Previously, you only had to sign a piece of paper saying you were a U.S. citizen.

The process that the state of Georgia implemented wasn’t racially motivated, didn’t seek to disenfranchise any voters, and wasn’t politically motivated. It simply protected the process from abuse from illegal aliens and from organizations like ACORN. It was fair and saturated with common sense.

In a shockingly purely political move, the Obama administration ordered the state of Georgia to stop verifying that Georgia voters are indeed U.S. citizens. Huh? Can anyone adequately explain this?

We implemented it, the courts upheld it, and now Obama sweeps in and stops it. This is nonsense!

We must put a stop to these sort of dictator-style actions. We as a state and as Georgian citizens have a right to demand that we are able to verify who is casting votes in our state and that they are actually U.S. citizens.

It’s time for us to stand up and demand that common sense not be cast aside in the name of politics. If you’re upset about this, visit to read the details. Call and e-mail your representatives. Call the Secretary of State’s office.

Stand up and make your voice heard. It’s time that we wake up and take this country back from the hands of those that are trying to destroy everything that we have ever known!

Keith SellarsBainbridge, Ga.