BC lists its 295 graduates

Published 2:35 pm Friday, May 29, 2009

Drawing on personal experience as the only child in his family of six siblings ever to attend college, commencement speaker Everette Freeman inspired Bainbridge College (BC) graduates at their graduation held May 8 at the Decatur County Memorial Coliseum.

Freeman encouraged the graduates not to let fear in the face of hardship stop them in their tracks. He spoke to the college’s largest graduating class. A record 296 students were awarded 319 degrees and certificates (some receiving more than one) at the ceremony.

The president of Albany State University, Freeman congratulated the graduates for their accomplishments, earning certificates or associate degrees, and for the inspiration they provide to others.

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Freeman, who earned his doctorate in education from Rutgers University, a master’s degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois and a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology from Antioch College, was introduced by BC President Tom Wilkerson, with whom he has worked, developing cooperative programs between Albany State and BC. The two institutions have cooperative programs in education and in criminal justice.

“Our speaker tonight has a distinguished record in education and in the fields of economics, industrial relations, and labor,” said Wilkerson, noting that Freeman was director of organizational development for Fisons Pharmaceutical Company, worked for the Eastman Kodak Company, the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration in Washington and the Atomic Energy Commission in New York City.

Before being named Albany State president in 2005, Freeman was senior vice president and provost of the University of Indianapolis.

BC graduates

Names that follow are listed alphabetically by degrees or certificate areas. Honors indicates a person who graduated with honors.

Associate of Arts Degree

Brittney S. Adams of Thomasville; Tabitha Faye Adkins (Honors), Harriette Anderson-Williams, Mae Hayes Arsenault (Honors), Ashlie Avery, Rosalynd H. Baggerly, all of Bainbridge; Sarah Lyndsey Barlow of Leesburg; Alisha Nicole Barnes of Thomasville; Amanda D. Bell of Bainbridge; Ashley Best of Cairo; Brenda W. Betsey of Bainbridge; Thomas W. Blaylock Jr., Christina Michelle Borden, Whitney Braswell Friend (Honors), all of Cairo; Janet Brock (Honors) of Bainbridge; Sherry L. Brookins of Donalsonville; Erica Brown, Alexander Brunson, Jamie Allen Burke, Deloris Ann Burns (Honors), all of Bainbridge; Elrica La’Shun Burr, April Butler of Colquitt; Jill Calloway of Bainbridge; Debbi Jo Carraway of Cairo; Haley M. Chapman of Bainbridge; Daniel B. Chastain of Cairo; Walter Lee Clark, Geoffrey Clendinen of Bainbridge; Whitney Cleveland of Damascus; Adrian Coleman of Donalsonville; Chad P. Collis (Honors), Zane C. Connell, Shequita Laquan Corker, all of Cairo; Christine L. Cox of Whigham.

Tiffani Cunningham (Honors) of Bainbridge; Sommer E. Cutchens of Cairo; Walter Jeffery Dancer of Colquitt; Teresa L. Davis, William Day of Bainbridge; Lonnie Scott DePriest of Colquitt; Blaire Dukes of Blakely; Robert Dukes, Charlotte Dunn of Donalsonville; Nicki Eakin of Climax; Christina Nicole Emanuel of Iron City; Casey Nicole Ferguson (Honors) of Cairo; April N. Floyd of Bainbridge; Karen F. Gardner (Honors) of Brinson; Amanda Proctor Gossett (Honors), Samuel Marvin Griffin III, Annie Ruth Brown Guyton, all of Bainbridge; Eloise Jean Haynes-Ware of Donalsonville; Annette H. Higdon, Kimberly Hilbig (Honors) of Cairo; Tia Renee Holmes of Bainbridge; Rebecca D. Holton-Teague of Colquitt; M. Marquelle Hopkins of Cairo; Wendy Denise Howard, Danyelle Paige Hoy of Bainbridge; Austin Elaine Humphries of Ochlocknee; Jennifer L. Hunt of Blakely; Lauren Elizabeth Johnson (Honors) of Thomasville; Lynly Rose Joiner of Colquitt; Brett Allen Jones (Honors) of Cairo.

Melanie Ann Jones of Whigham; Ferrell Christopher Keaton (Honors), Brendia “Crystal” King (Honors) of Colquitt; Allison O. Knight, Vanessa Ann Lackey, Mickey Langford, Hannah Jane Legette (Honors), all of Cairo; Jacquelyn M. Lofton of Edison; Jacqueline Loyce Long of Cairo; Lacey L. Malloy of Climax; Shandrekia Tekara Mango (Honors) of Cairo; Pauline Maxwell of Bainbridge; Barbara Nichole McFay of Donalsonville; Ivey Renee McLendon of Colquitt; Dale Grady Medley of Attapulgus; Cecilia Brooke Messer of Colquitt; Megan Moncrief of Calvary; Nive Humphries Moore, Kacey Layne Moring of Cairo; Holly Morris-Roberts of Bainbridge; Joey Moseley of Blakely; Lakeisha Danielle Murphy of Bainbridge; Dana Gayle Newsome of Colquitt; Tuyet Yen Nguyen, Nilam Patel (Honors), Bonnie Perkins of Bainbridge; Kristy Alisha Perkins, Sherita Perkins of Colquitt; Preston G. Phillips of Damascus; Trista LeAnn Pitts (Honors) of Donalsonville; Zacharey Alan Powell of Brinson; Katie Renee Pyles of Whigham; Tori Dionne Read of Attapulgus; Steve Reese of Donalsonville; Kathgret Rentz (Honors) of Colquitt.

Tyler Blake Rich of Donalsonville; Lesia Roberts of Iron City; Donald Rex Ryals (Honors), Annie Salami, Brittney Salter, Zanthia Maria Sanders, Joellen Scott, Gordon Screen Jr., Shenika D. Shepard, all of Bainbridge; Felicia W. Shephard of Colquitt; Hannah Danielle Singletary, Katherine Smith-Henry, Cynthia Spears of Bainbridge; Sharla Latrice Starling of Cuthbert; Patricia W. Stephens, Allison Stoddard-Singletary (Honors) of Cairo; Charles M. Strickland, Yaleisha LaShante Stubbs, Katherine A. Taylor, all of Bainbridge; Donald Evans Thompson Jr. of Blakely; Robert Harrell Thompson of Climax; Brittany Ann Todd of Bainbridge; Melissa Tucker of Iron City; Jennifer Leigh Turner of Calvary; Tracy L. Ulmer of Cairo; Stephanie Virgin of Blakely; Deanne Meredith Watson, Mandy Weathersby, Jamie Williams, all of Bainbridge; Lisa Graham Williams of Blakely; Melissa Regina Williams of Bainbridge; Tony D. Williams Jr. of Camilla.

Associate of Science (Nursing) Degree

Justin M. “Mikey” Alday of Mayhaw; Stephanie Anderson Alday of Cairo; Heather R. Barber, Jennifer Nicole Brewer of Bainbridge; Ashley Charlotte Chason of Cairo; Shawn Collins of Albany; Alicia Ponder Cook of Bainbridge; Kelly Galatis of Cairo; Cara L. Jones of Donalsonville; Lea Ann Jones of Bainbridge; Benedict James San Jose Malinao of Colquitt; Wanda J. Sadler of Cairo; Michaela Martine Salter of Bainbridge; Linda Marie Stokley (Honors) of Crawfordville, Fla.; Dionne Chenille Thomas of Whigham; Nicole Sherri Thomas of Cairo; Donna R. Thompson (Honors) of Climax; Vashawn Renee Thompson, Shelonda Mae Wilson of Bainbridge; Crystal Lou Wood of Donalsonville.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Vickie K. Andrews, Brenda Juree Barber (Honors) of Iron City; Jason Jermaine Belin, La Toya Bell of Bainbridge; Mattie L. Bell of Colquitt; Christopher J. Brookins of Jakin; Coretha Brown of Blakely; Walter Lee Clark, Tasia LaShea Clary, Theresa D. Close (Honors), all of Bainbridge; Loretta Coleman-Chambers of Donalsonville; Christopher Collier of Damascus; James E. Cook of Colquitt; William Crawford (Honors) of Bainbridge; Latrenda Sharon Davis of Fort Gaines; Brian Hoyt Donley of Colquitt; Becky Elkins, Christopher Lenton Glover of Bainbridge; Christin April Gordon of Blakely; Joyce Elaine Grant of Colquitt; Cristi Gray, Karen Gray, Tanisha Gray-Burke, all of Bainbridge; Lisa Shqueen Guyton of Donalsonville; Sandra Heard of Bainbridge; Allorick Jamol Henry of Donalsonville; Tonya Hopkins of Ochlocknee; Tracy Hundly, Bernice Jackson of Bainbridge; Lawanda Jinks of Blakely; Ferrell Christopher Keaton (Honors) of Colquitt; Alan Michael Killingsworth of Bainbridge; Valarie King (Honors) of Arlington.

Donna Vernice Lewis of Thomasville; Marvetta D. Lyles of Blakely; Alexandria KaTish McClesky of Bainbridge; Ashley M. Miller (Honors) of Brinson; Lakeisha Murphy, Maude Murphy, Georgetta Olds, Johnny J. Olds Jr., all of Bainbridge; Allison Presley of Blakely; Shareka Danyeal Price of Attapulgus; Tanqueshia G’Quan Register of Donalsonville; Tina Marie Richardson of Bainbridge; Roderick Ricks (Honors) of Damascus; Lashawn J. Robinson of Climax; Donald Rex Ryals (Honors) of Bainbridge; Debra W. Sills, Lawanda Sims of Blakely; James Milton Smith (Honors) of Brinson; LaTashia H. Tarver (Honors) of Fort Gaines; Tameka S. Thomas, Brittany Ann Todd, Andrea Brinson Weathersby, all of Bainbridge; Jacquelyn Denise Williams of Blakely; Roy V. Zeagler IV (Honors) of Bainbridge.


Administrative Office Technology: La Toya Bell, Becky Lyn Elkins of Bainbridge.

Applied Marketing and Management: Kamia Quejuan Brown of Blakely; Nancy Adams Conyers of Whigham; Joyce Shaw Douglas of Colquitt; Kimberly Ford of Donalsonville; Rhonda Harter of Brinson; Shelia Rich Ingram (Honors), Mary Ann Murphy of Bainbridge; Twynette Reynolds of Donalsonville; Andrea Weathersby of Bainbridge.

Business and Office Technology: Alicia DeAnna Barrineau (Honors) of Donalsonville; Theresa D. Close (Honors) of Bainbridge; Loretta Coleman-Chambers (Honors) of Donalsonville; Debra Denise Curry of Fort Gaines; Becky Lyn Elkins of Bainbridge; Rhonda Harter of Brinson; Dortea Takesha Hines of Bainbridge; Quinilla Ann Jones of Jakin; Charlotte Diann McCoy of Blakely; Ashley M. Miller (Honors) of Brinson; Mary Ann Murphy of Bainbridge; Carolyn R. Robinson of Blakely; LaTashia H. Tarver (Honors) of Fort Gaines; Samantha Taylor of Blakely; Benjamin D. Williams (Honors) of Columbia, AL.

Criminal Justice: Fletha Y. Campbell, Yolanda Charmaine Chrispen of Bainbridge.

Computer Information Systems: Joshua Leigh Tatum of Blakely; Roy V. Zeagler IV (Honors) of Bainbridge.

Early Childhood Care and Education: Lois Gurley of Whigham; Valnesia Kirksey Glenn, Lakeisha Murphy, Georgetta Olds, all of Bainbridge; Angela Coretta Salter of Damascus; Angelia S. Thomas of Bainbridge.

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance: Ralph Oliver Conyers Jr. of Bainbridge; James E. Cook of Colquitt; Philip “Blake” Kelley of Bainbridge; Bobby W. Sanders of Colquitt.

Film, Video and Stage Technology: Mary (Teena) Holmes-McCray (Honors) of Damascus.

Licensed Practical Nursing: Kimberly N. Aldridge of Bainbridge, Helen Allen of Pelham; Dena M. Baker-Jones of Iron City; Janine R. Birchett (Honors) of Cairo; Summar Caesar of Blakely; Contrannia Cooper of Bainbridge; Barbara L. Daniels of Donalsonville; LaSandra Sewell Davis of Thomasville; Natasha Charita Davis of Blakely; Brandi Renee Eakin, Christy N. Elijah of Bainbridge; Mary Felch of Blakely, Ashley Nicole Finley, Misty Fudge of Bainbridge; Emma Holmes George of Damascus; Mona Lisa Gilbert of Arlington; Aleta Willeby Griffin of Climax; Alicia M. Haisley (Honors) of Ellenwood; Nicole Hatch of Cairo; Florence Susan Henry of Jakin; Sherika Markeshia Hubbard of Grady County; Lajanda P. James of Boston; Linda Diane King, Melissa H. Lambert, Adrianne Lewis, all of Bainbridge; Nicole Lyons of Brinson; Jamila H.M. McNish (Honors) of Thomasville; Jamie Todd Merritt of Colquitt; Tammy Miller of Thomasville; Cynthia Nelson of Grady County; Sabrina Alexis Nelson of Colquitt; Roger J. Pierce (Honors) of Cairo; Nicole Ponder of Blakely; Tangla D. Reynolds of Boston; Tanisha A. Rhodes of Thomasville; Narissa D. Robinson of Cairo; Katrine Ross of Whigham; Leteka Scott, Patricia Scott (Honors) of Bainbridge; Stacy Darryl Simmons (Honors), Deshuntra Katrise Smith of Donalsonville; Melinda Nechol Spears of Thomasville; Jessica Stewart of Camilla; Courtney Nichole Taylor of Thomasville; Tina K. Tomberlin of Bainbridge; Tavia Vashay Valdes of Blakely; Jamie Weaver of Columbia, Ala.; Jeannie L. Wilkerson of Blakely; Tinika Danielle Wimberly of Thomasville; Jenny L. Wisham of Camilla; Laura Worthy of Colquitt.

Medical Assisting Technology: Teresa M. Bostick of Cairo; Samantha Campbell of Attapulgus; Valnesia Kirksey Glenn of Bainbridge; Karen Lynn Harrison of Brinson.

Medical Office Technology: LaKeshia Allen (Honors) of Colquitt; Belinda Gail Anglon (Honors) of Arlington; Theresa D. Close (Honors) of Bainbridge; Barbara L. Cox (Honors) of Donalsonville; Jamie Herring of Whigham; Dortea Takesha Hines, Casey Renota Howard of Bainbridge; Octavia Kathleen Johnson of Blakely; Angela Register Jones of Bainbridge; Tamyar E. Kelly of Quincy, Fla.; Safiry Madge of Bainbridge; Barbara Powell of Donalsonville; Rhonda Schiffner (Honors), Amanda Brooke Smith of Bainbridge; Lashonda Nicole Taylor of Donalsonville.

Office Accounting Specialist: Tina P. Worthington of Brinson.