Baby born en route to hospital

Published 1:36 pm Friday, May 29, 2009

A baby girl was born into Decatur County early Friday morning, but it wasn’t at the hospital, and it wasn’t at home—it was in between.

Gabriel Ashay Sapp was born on her way to the Memorial Hospital as her father, Ernest Sapp, rushed his wife, Ayesha Sapp, to the hospital from Attapulgus.

Ernest Sapp said he brought his wife to the hospital Thursday night believing she was in labor, but was told that she was not far enough along to be admitted into the hospital.

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He said early that next morning, Ayesha Sapp awoke in a great deal of pain. Apparently knowing the baby was coming soon, she left behind her shoes as they rushed out to the car.

“The car wouldn’t go fast enough!” said Ernest Sapp explaining how he drove as fast as he could through early morning traffic with his hazard light on. He said the child was born two or three minutes before they pulled up to the Emergency Room entrance where he began honking the car’s horn and yelling for help.

“I just wanted to make sure the baby was all right,” said Ernest Sapp standing outside the Emergency Room with his young son, Jahlae Sapp—who received a baby sister as a late birthday present, turning 3 years old on Wednesday.

Jeannie Adkins was in the Emergency Room lobby when the family arrived. She said nurses came out to the car and brought the mother and newborn, who they wrapped in towels, inside.

“It was awesome to witness something like that,” said Adkins.

Ernest Sapp said his wife and new baby girl and doing well and are resting in their hospital room.