McNair calls on seniors to be leaders

Published 7:56 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pastor Tommy McNair of Faceville Baptist Church was the speaker at Bainbridge High School’s 2009 baccalaureate service held Sunday in the Decatur County Memorial Coliseum.

McNair used humor to keep this year’s graduating class and their family and friends smiling as he spoke about the challenges Americans face today.

Drawing from the 25th chapter of the Bible Book of Matthew, McNair said each person is responsible for using their God-given talents to the fullest potential.

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“It isn’t significant that your talents are different than [others’],” he said. “Rather, each person is to focus on being thankful for that which has been received, learn how to be good stewards of it, and bring honor to God, the One who gave them to you.”

Describing the students’ graduation as one among many beginnings to life’s adventures, McNair said it would be natural for them to feel anxiety as they encountered different people and immersed themselves in “the realm of ideas, values and truth.”

“It is here that we hope you stretch, twist, get out of your comfort zone, examine what you have been taught and eventually make your values your own,” he said. “That is, ultimately, the whole point.”

He said the United States is in need of “a generation of leaders” in innovation, excellence, breakthroughs, ethics, integrity and character, leaders in the home and leaders in spiritual relationships.

The members of the graduating class of 2009 marched in to processional music recorded by the BHS Concert Band, Amanda Locke gave an invocation, and Sarah Wells welcomed parents, family, friends and others in attendance.

Rachael Midler gave the dedication, Shannon Reaves read announcements and Sean Miller read the Scripture.

Meghan Vickers read a poem and Kayla Hurley introduced Pastor McNair.

Musical selections during the program included “I Once Had a Dream” by student chorus Bella Canta, the singing of BHS’ alma mater, “The Purple and the Gold,” “Esto Les Digo” by Bella Canta,” a French horn solo by senior Sean Miller and “Rondo” by the BHS band’s woodwind ensemble.

Dustin Bearden gave a benediction prior to the recessional of the students to music recorded by the BHS band.