Pineview Cemetery, Map B-65, Parcel 95

Published 12:16 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Recently I was visiting in Bainbridge and took my grandchildren to the little park located on East College Street to play.

While waiting for them, I decided to walk through the adjacent cemetery. Tears rolled up in my eyes at what I saw; sinking graves, a giant oak tree fallen on top of some graves, poison sumac so thick you could not walk up to the head stones, overgrown grass and trash everywhere.

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Except for a few fading flower arrangements and fallen fences, you could not tell that these saints are cared about by anyone.

I am not a letter writer or campaigner for different causes, but my heart just can not ignore what I saw. I picture Bainbridge as a beautiful city with restored old homes and churches, protected giant 100-year-old oak trees and modern parks for children; a town that is proud of its educational system and history. The brochures about Bainbridge testify to these things!

Yet here in its midst, the old folks, veterans and little children that have passed on … have been forgotten. We as citizens and especially Christians have a responsibility to the dead. It reflects on all of us. This cemetery may mean nothing more to you than an eyesore, but isn’t that alone reason enough to do something?

I dare Bainbridge citizens to take the walk I did. Go and see for yourself.

After researching city and courthouse records, I have discovered that this property was never “deeded” to anyone. Originally, the property was located in Decatur County and later included in the city limits as Bainbridge expanded. Over the years, several groups have had clean-up events, but no one has had the resources to maintain the property on a regular basis.

Therefore, I feel the City of Bainbridge needs to take whatever measures are necessary to assume this responsibility. I would like to ask that tonight the City Council make the motion that this property be condemned to start the legal process necessary for the city to assume this property in order that proper maintenance can be kept.

Sincerely concerned,Margaret HaleDonalsonville, Ga.