Haven’t go to cleanem yet

Published 12:53 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This week has been a constant week of big catches of bass on spinner baits, shellcrackers on wigglers and loads of catfish on wigglers and cut bait.

The crappie has taken a backseat to the other fish. It’s my opinion that they are backing out of the coves and pockets, easing out to deeper water where it’s cool all summer long. The one exception to that one was 26 crappie by a 6-year-old boy from Waverly Hall, Mr. Olin Nelms, who sed, “I know how to catchem but I don’t know how to cleanem yet.”

Betty Hobbs has taken two 6-pound bass standing on the bank in two different places in the past two weeks. Good for her.

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The Big Shellcracker Tournament went something like this: 154 signed up to fish, 38 kids were there. First-place went to Kim Miller with 18.55 pounds, second to Randy Welderex with 17.95 pounds, Big Fish went to Spencer Culverson with 1.4 pounds.

Mayflies were seen in two places this week, time to get out your Fly Rod and polish it up, grease the reel and get ready, in case you don’t know there is more than 200 different species of the mayfly.

The Bainbridge Bass Club fished Lake Andrews on Coheelee Creek with the results of first Richard Predmore with 21.18 pounds, second Lance Whiddon with 15.89 pounds, third Stan McCollum with 12.90 pounds. Big Fish went to Richard Predmore with 5.11 pounds.

The Rose City Bass Club fished Sunday, it went something like this: First went to Chad King and Sean Neel with 15.95 pounds of fine Seminole Bass, second Hatton and Hatton with 14.85 pounds, third Brinson and Jarvis with 14.30 pounds. Big Fish went to John Sheafer with 4.50 pounds.

The Big Backwoods Outdoors Saterday was won by Billie Thompson of Albany with a whopping big 31 pounds plus. Sorry, this is all I have on the 70 boat tournament. Wish I could do better.

The story I must tell of a man and his in Coffee County in the mid to late 40s. The reason was there was one who lived in Faceville where I was born and raised and one in Recovery also. The older sister and brother went in to Enterprise in 1946 where everyone got a job and went to work. They had been living in a well-hidden cave on one of the many creeks in Coffee County up until then they were afraid to come out. They were full blooded Indian. However, the Michi tribe of the lower Creek does bizness in 17 states.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

May 3, 2009

Lake surface temp:72Lake level: Near fullFlint: Cloudy, fallenChattahoochee: Cloudy, clearingSpring Creek:ClearingReport provided by: Jack Wingate