Fishing just starting to get right

Published 12:54 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have gone over two weeks with this cold and sore throat.

I really don’t have it anymore as it really has me with no signs of letting up. Not sick enough to stay home and too sick to go to work, it is just one of those things we put up with in life or die trying. I have been through some pretty bad things in my life, but it was this past week that I really considered myself sick enough to die. I hope it isn’t one of those having to get better to die deals.

The water came on down this past week and is nearly to a normal pool. That means the hot spots in the lower lake and creek are in good shape to fish.

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With less volume in the lake, the water is warming a little each day. At the time that panfish should bed the water will be in great shape and a lot of folks should catch a lot of fish. Now that will be a lot of fish pulling on a line to make a float go under the surface as well as a lot of happy folk watching that float and responding when it does go under the surface. And when you are there bringing in those big bream and shellcracker, you should just think about other folks that are off working or doing something else rather than fishing. When I was a kid I was taught that fishing and hunting was as much a part of life as was working and going to church on Sunday. We don’t need to forget what brought us here.

The back ponds off the river as well as the slough areas on the river will be ready to attract and give up fish in a few days.

These areas of water usually run close to a month behind similar areas on the lake. Because the river is always moving, it stays a bit cooler than the lake, which is affected by the current, but not nearly so as the river.

When the slough areas below town start giving up fish, things are set for the summer and you should be able to catch fish where ever you go and really whenever you go. There will be those days that you couldn’t catch a fish from a bath tub. Those days happen to everyone, though to some folks more than others. Just hang in there and things will always get better.

With the rains starting over a month or so ago, one would think that the high water would be gone. On the last day of April, I had to go all the way to Camilla and turn left on Highway 37 to get to Newton. The shortcut from Hopeful to Newton was still closed due to water over the road.

I was telling my man there in town about it still being closed and he said he had just come through it. It was just a few inches and any pickup truck in the world would make it there. Hey I am driving a Ford so it would be no problem for me on the way back to Bainbridge.

Thinking better of that I choose to go down Highway 91 and cut down the west river road. It is not many times that I do go that way and enjoy seeing the river through the trees as it edges in close to the road. Still a long way to the water, however.

Since the water has started back down and the rivers and lake has gotten close to a good fishing state, I have not gone due to this cold. I haven’t felt like living much less doing something that is supposed to be fun, but really won’t be due to the headaches and sinus pressure as well as the cough. I told my wife last week that I get to coughing so hard that I feel that I might pass out. How would you like to go from Wingate’s over to the creek by way of the cut and feel like you were going to pass out? It is a terrible feeling and a horrible feeling for the guy you are meeting if he knows what ails you.

To the good part.

Folks have been catching fish and all species. Limits of fish have been taken, though not by everyone. The days are coming when even the slowest fisherman will get his limit and they are not long off. Maybe by the time you read this the time will be upon us. This afternoon I talked to a fellow that would like a mess of fish. You don’t have to clean them, he will. He is not able to fish anymore, but would like the taste of some fresh fish. You know folks like that. Give them some fish. It won’t buy your way into heaven, but it may ensure you have some good marks in your ledger.