Bainbridge has been called the city of oaks

Published 12:19 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oak trees! There have been recorded up to 700-year-old oak trees.

In the wider sense, as accepted here, the genus includes more than 400 species, most being found in the northern hemisphere and the majority in North America.

Oaks make some of the finest hardwood provided and this wood is in the forefront of all timber because of its durability.

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Oak trees have a long history in mythology and are associated with Zeus, the god of thunder. It is often told that oak trees are particularly susceptible to being struck by lightning.

Shakespeare refereed to, “Oak cleaving thunderbolts,” in “King Lear.” Plants with supposed magical properties regarded as being especially superior are found growing in oak trees.

Two kinds of oak trees—the white oak and the red oak—are used for the same purpose, furniture, bridges, ships and many other types of construction.

Let’s not forget the many squirrels. They are only good for damaging your fruit trees and gardens.

Ms. Jewell Williams