Harris wins Inspirational Run

Published 6:22 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kyle Harris of Bainbridge turned in a strong time of 18 minutes and 14.48 seconds Sunday to win the second annual Amanda Regan Inspirational 3.2-mile run.

The run, held at Bainbridge High School, was in honor of Amanda Regan, a Bainbridge High School inclusion teacher who was killed in a car accident.

Proceeds from the run will go into a medical fund for the late honorees daughter, Courtrney, who has cerebral palsy. Courtney presented medals to the run winners.

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Other Regan family members in attendance were the honorees mother, Cathy Waddell; her husband, Ronald Regan; her sister, Kim McElhaney; her nephew, Austin McElhaney; her sister-in-law, Cindy Watson; her nieces Ashley Andrews and Jessica Andrews; her mother-in-law and father-in-law, Phyllis and Robert Regan; her sister-in-law, Melissa Sumner, and cousins Sheila Waddell and Mike Wells.

Mrs. Waddell expressed her deep appreciation to Bainbridge High School Bearcats and Lady Cats cross country coach Mandi O’Mara, who coordinated the run in her late daughter’s honor.

“I am very emotional, but I just want to say how deeply we appreciate what Mandi has done for Courtney and in Amanda’s memory,” Mrs. Waddell said. “She is a wonderful person.”

The top overall female finisher Sunday was April Aldridge, who was sixth overall in a time of 23:08.69.

Champion Harris’ brothers, Chase and Caleb Harris, were second and third overall in times of 20:25.40 and 22:01.54. Richie Hughes was fourth overall with a 22:32.46 time. Mike Wilemon was fifth overall with a 22:49.36 time.

Rounding out the top 10 were Erika Pemberton, who was seventh in a time of 23:18.10; Dustin Bearden, who was eighth in a time of 24:11.75; Julie Harris, who was ninth in a time of 24:19.65, and Mike Conder, who was 10th in a time of 24:22.15.

Donnie Pemberton was 11th in a time of 24:43.56; Eric Inlow was 12th in a time of 25:58.85; Kylie McGlincy was 13th in a time of 26:09.22; Ann Sellers was 14th in a time of 26:28.70, and Scott Overman was 15th in a time of 26:37.88.

Rounding out the top 20 were Cole Farrington with a time of 26:46.98; Liv Warren with a time of 27:09.47, Nikki Priest with a time of 27:35.88, JoAnn Moore with a time of 27:37.59 and Amber Esquivel, with a time of 27:47.05.