Different Pictures

Published 4:02 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is it with these two recent pictures?

Picture one is TV pictures of thousands of American taxpayers in 700 cities across America on Tax day, April 15, at taxpayers parties protesting and pleading with members of Congress to stop irresponsible spending of money that we don’t have. Money that must be paid in higher taxes—billions of tax dollars by our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

In picture two, front page Post-Searchlight, our Democratic Congressman Bishop with local officials and representatives learning how to get their part of the federal economic stimulus package, another hidden meaning name for pork. Pork money is re-election money. It buy votes and comes in many different forms under many purposefully misunderstood, hidden meaning titles. It will dump $6,700 per household of new debt on top of old debt into the laps of our next three generations of taxpayers.

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Which of these two pictures represents the down fall of the United States?

Is it picture one of taxpayers telling Congress to stop this out of control spending, or is it picture two of Democratic Congressman Bishop at work delivering the pork and collecting re-election votes that go with pork delivery. The story is the same. We know somebody’s pork has to be cut if we are to survive as a country. Just cut somebody else’s pork, not ours, is the prevailing attitude.

There is a third picture in play here.

It is a picture of Barack Hussein Obama riding a false wave of popularity, both here and aboard by using the office of president to change our country into some socialist form of government with more direct government control of our lives and our money. This scary picture is becoming clearer each passing day. Scary because he has the big money backers, liberal educators, mainstream media, the Democratic controlled House and Senate, union bosses and the majority voters to do it with. He is the so-called new America (we don’t need a Constitution, just a majority and executive order), the change that both uneducated and many educated voters voted for. Is there an educated voter crisis in the United States? You decide.

We are starving for real truth out of the Obama administration. For example Obama tells us that every billion dollars in highway stimulus creates 34,779 construction jobs, Congress must first borrow that $ 1 billion out of the private economy, which must be paid back with interest. Won’t the private sector then lose that same number of jobs? Ask Congressman Bishop to explain this new Obama math to you.

The new federal government and its programs grows and grows. There is not much we can do to stop it unless we vote Congressman Bishop out of office. It appears this is the only way to slow it down and stop it. When will it end? Must we break the banks and our countries future for all of this questionable federal government stimulus?

I don’t believe our Constitution gives the federal government the responsibility to create private sector jobs without a stimulus. I believe that private business and industry are responsible for creating jobs. They have proven that if government will get out of the way they can do the job. Some will be successful. Some will fail. Competition makes it so. If you “can build a better mouse trap” or provide a better service you will succeed the American way. It works, has worked, will always work! Freedom!

Guy Barber