If I Were Mayor …

Published 3:21 pm Friday, April 24, 2009

If I were mayor, I would do a lot of things. These are my three main things I would do. I would make recycling mandatory in the city of Bainbridge, create bike lanes, and repave heavily used roads. These are three things that Bainbridge could use.

If I were mayor, I would make recycling mandatory in the city of Bainbridge. The reason why I would do this is because not that many people recycle in our city. I think that if our city recycled, Bainbridge would be a better place to live. The cans for recycling would be free of charge. The city would supply them. Pick-up would be on your regular trash day.

If I were mayor, I would create bike lanes in the city of Bainbridge. This way bikers won’t be on our streets or sidewalks. For example, let’s say you are riding your bike on a sidewalk, but then the sidewalk ends. Most people would then start using the road, then that puts lives at risk. If we had a bike lane, that wouldn’t be a problem.

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If I were mayor, I would repave heavily used street in the city of Bainbridge, In Bainbridge, the most heavily used streets are Shotwell and College Street. Shotwell Street hasn’t been paved in a few years, and is starting to get pot holes in it. College Street was recently paved but is starting to get pot holes also.

All of the money used for these jobs would come from grants or tax dollars. My ideas will either help the environment, keep lives out of danger, or may result in fewer wrecks. Either way they are good for our city. These ideas would make Bainbridge a better place.

If I were mayor I would do several things to improve my town. I would start with what the citizens wanted.

I would give a survey to citizens of all ages. I would give it to teens, adults and even senior adults. Then, I would do what a majority of the citizens wanted. Even though I would be doing what a majority of the citizens wanted, I would still get criticized by a handful of people. That is one of the least appealing things about being mayor.

Other things I would do if I were mayor are donating money to our local Humane Society and putting up a homeless shelter. Our Humane Society needs all the help it can get. It is heartbreaking to walk in those doors and see the poor animals locked up in smelly cages. Also, I would put a homeless shelter in the town. It would take in anyone in need of a home. I would make sure we had the building and maintain it. Then, I would let people volunteer to help at the homeless shelter.

If I were mayor another thing I would do would be putting up a traffic light at the new Bainbridge High School. Without the traffic light, it would be very hard for students to get in and out of the school area. We would be bound to have an accident. That’s why I think we should put a traffic light at the new high school. Also, I would try and pass a law about being on your cell phone while driving. When you are taking phone calls you are focused on the call and not the road. Also, if you are texting while driving you are looking down at your phone and not keeping your eyes on the road. This can lead to accidents. That’s why I would pass a law that doesn’t allow you to be using your phone while driving.

Those are the many things I would do if I were mayor. I would do my best to improve my town.