Active Minerals International locates in Attapulgus

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, April 23, 2009

Active Minerals International LLC announced in a news release that it opened a new mine and milling complex near Attapulgus on March 1, which will supply all of its attapulgite clay feed stock to its Quincy, Fla., processing plant.

The Quincy-Attapulgus-Meigs District is the largest resource of attapulgite clay in the world.

The new facility, which is located on Antioch Church Road, makes Active Minerals International the largest gelling-grade attapulgite marketer in the world.

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Gelling-grade attapulgite is used as an additive in joint compounds, fire retardants, oil well drilling mud, roof coatings, suspension fertilizers, paints and coatings, concrete products, ceramics and molecular sieves.

Active Minerals International’s position as a world-wide technical, marketing, sales and manufacturing organization, specializing in industrial minerals, said it is creating new jobs, although a specific number was not release.

Active Minerals International is forecasting a decade’s long investment in the local community through new jobs and cash flow.

Active Minerals International said it is accepting applications for several key positions available at their Attapulgite manufacturing facility.

Job applicants are welcome to apply at for available positions.