How to end piracy

Published 3:50 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We will thank the good Lord that the captain has been returned to his family. He says he’s no hero, but the Navy SEALs were.

Now we come to the cure, two .50-caliber machine guns forward of the beam, starboard and port, the same abaft the beam, two rocket launchers, one for each side.  The ship’s radar can pick them off 20 to 30 miles away, when they come close to the ship, let them get within 200 yards. Open up on them with the .50s, they have a tracer then four hot rounds. Shoot until nothing is floating in the water. That would be cruel you say, yes, but it would be a cure!  The above is for American ships only, the other countries can slice their own baloney.

This week despite the flooding waters, we have taken good bream, crappie and dang good catfishing.

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One boat reported 44 channels and blues taken in two days, one at 40 pounds, these came on cut bait. They are from Valdosta.

Another boat in two days fishen took 18 one day and 27 the next day. These came in on wigglers.

We had reports that shellcrackers were on the beds, Friday, Saterday and Sunday. We know the talapia is now on beds. That fish is hard to catch on a hook but very easily gigged in the daylite. We would hate to get folks in trouble about giggin, so check the DNR about that.

Mike Prindle won the Sunday Hydrilla Gnats Club Tournament with 20.60 pounds, Paul Tyre was second with 16.77 pounds and Nic Jeter was third with 13.80.

Now at the same time, the C&R Tournament Trail was fishing out of Wingate’s and the Hydrilla Gnats were fishing the same tournament. The team of Matt Baty and Brad Shiver finished first with 22.45 pounds, Mike Prindle and Mark Nichols finished second with 22.4 pounds, Clint Brown and Terry Stevens finished third with 19.00 pounds. Clint and his father, Kim, won the big tournament on Lake Talquin Saterday with 23 pounds of bass.

It is good to report that the Peach Barn is now open in Iron City, not fully open, but strawberries and onions I know of.

Fish Pond Drain has opened up and is running muddy water all the way to Ray’s Lake and Lewis Pond. Spring Creek is 10 to 12 feet out of its bank. There is many fields in Seminole County that will have to be planted over.  Some of the big fields are half full of water.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

April 19, 2009

Lake surface temp:69Lake level:Full poolClarity:Choclete and fastFlint:Choclete and movingChattahoochee:Murkey and fastSpring Creek:Red and fastReport provided by:Jack Wingate