Development Authority director speaks at Rotary

Published 4:57 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Rotary Club, Bainbridge-Decatur County Development Authority Executive Director Rick McCaskill provided insight into the status and future of economic development and industry in Decatur County.

McCaskill spoke about the current economic situation and how it has impacted industrial development, but was optimistic, commenting on a number of positive aspects Decatur County has to offer and will be using to pursue economic growth.

“The economy has had an affect [on bringing industry to the area],” saidMcCaskill. “People are unsure of what is happening and scared to move.”

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He went on to say that although times are tough, Florida is an extremely fertile area to attract industry from. He noted that Decatur County and Georgia have a much less stringent and time-consuming process for obtaining building and various other permits needed for industry than Florida does.

McCaskill urged business owners to provide the Development Authority with future plans for expansion so that they can help provide state funding as it becomes available.

“We are not just about bringing in industry, we love to grow industry we already have here,” said McCaskill.

The Development Authority purchased the American Fibers and Yarn building at the Industrial Park and now has a possible tenant for the building that they will be announcing in the near future, according to McCaskill. He said the large equipment that was located inside the building was purchased by another company and has been carefully removed to keep the building intact.

McCaskill also expressed his excitement about a 80,000-square-foot, county-owned building, located at the Industrial Air Park, as an attractive feature to bring in possible industries.

“We want to get into position so when things start to break, we can be ready to take advantage of them,” said McCaskill.