Learn CPR

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was more than eight years between the time Tracy West received CPR training to the time she used it.

But it was that one time in eight years that perhaps she saved one of her most precious souls—her soon-to-be 2-year-old grandson, Bryan “Junior” Cantley.

The techniques of when to do chest compressions and then breathe into a person in distress came back into focus for Mrs. West. She said she even remembered the subtle differences in CPR techniques between doing it on a child and an adult. The finger sweep was also key in getting little Junior to come back to life after he fell into a muddy hole in the back of his house.

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Ask Kendrick Volunteer Fire Department first responder Donna Rhodes: Mrs. West saved her grandson’s life on Friday, and it was because she knew how to do CPR. If she hadn’t, well the story of little “Junior” may not have been a happy one.

The Kendrick Volunteer Fire Department and the other volunteer fire department do a great service to the citizens of this county. Another service is that they offer—with the assistance from the Decatur County Fire and Rescue Department—CPR training.

If you don’t know CPR, learn it.

Things can happen very quickly, and the life you may save may be the one who is the most precious to you.