Time for a tea party

Published 3:32 pm Friday, April 10, 2009

I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m fed up with the way Congress is giving out money to all the Wall Street fat cats and foreign banksters. None of it will benefit us folks on Main Street.

That’s why I would like to urge everybody to go to the Tax Day Tea Party in Donalsonville on April 15.

How long are the American people going to succumb to the mantra that we can’t change anything? It’s time to stand and be heard.

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Will Washington listen? Will the news media cover these events? Will a lot of people attend these events?

Probably not, but as the old saying goes—A long journey begins with just one step.

It’s taken over 200 years for this country to get to the point that our government officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, pay us no mind whatsoever. So we won’t change government in one day.

The real question is: Do you want real change?

Or do you want to keep going down the road to economic slavery?

Are you ready to take the first step back to a government of the people, for the people, and by the people?

This is not a protest against any war, or abortion, or illegal aliens, or gun rights, or taxes or any other issue. Perhaps there will be people there who would be people there who would be interested in organizing something for these other issues at a later date and/or place.

This particular event is to protest the way Washington is spending your money and mine. So far, in three months, they have spent the equivalent of all the money that we will make for the entire year. When I say we, I mean everybody from Bill Gates to the homeless people.

If you can, make and bring posters to the party with appropriate sayings such as “Repeal the Pork/Cut Taxes” or “Independance—Not Dependance,” “Give me Liberty and Not a Bailout,” “No More Bailouts” and “Silence Majority No More!” etc.

And of course, bring some tea to drink.

RespectfullyDavid BrookinsLake Seminole, Ga.