To whom it should concern, but who aren’t

Published 2:25 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The American people are getting the shaft like no other time in history.

Advice on every issue on how to survive (on nothing).

Save: There’s nothing left to save.

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Spend: There’s nothing left to spend.

Pay taxes: There’s nothing left to pay taxes.

Be patient: There’s no patience left.

Write your congressman: They don’t answer and don’t care. We’re looking out for you: No, down on us.

We need the bailouts: So do we.

We need the pork funds; and on and on.

The “need” is in the long lines of the unemployed, the homeless, the small businesses that are failing; and there they sit in the pits of grandeur called Congress, big banking, Wall Street, big auto makers, big big big; and the pundits who spit it all out, and “we the people” regurgitating the lies.

It isn’t just sad and unnecessary, it’s inhumane (not to mention un-American!). It’s a nightmare so devastating that one can only awaken from the sweat on our lives and “whew,” it was only a dream.

The “dream,” the “nightmare” … no matter says the big, big … just save and spend what you don’t have; pay your taxes that we don’t have (then what?), and kill the dream that’s taken so long, and with heavy heart and toil. God have mercy.

Mary PughBainbridge, Ga.