Not a good situation

Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I recently had to call 911. It was a situation I will never forget.

On a stormy day, my car got off the road and into water, so I called 911. When I called 911, they did not react to the call. I asked for a wrecker, but no wrecker came, so I called back and communications on this 911 call was bad.

I did not know they would not send a wrecker if a person asked for one, when they did help they sent the officer the wrong way to my rescue, but God did send him back to me.

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I think when you call 911, they should tell you what they are allowed to do. I thought 911 was for emergency situations, but I am glad there is a 911, but I think the rule about calling a wrecker should be looked into.

I am grateful for the people that do 911, but they need to be more up front with information.

Dorothy Rupe