Big Slough’s surprises

Published 7:20 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If there’s been one surprise by this flooding event, it’s that the Big Slough is acting as the bad boy.

In 1994, when the Flint River reached a historic 37 feet, that served as the benchmark. Now, when the Flint floods, it’s somewhat predictable.

The same is true with the Spring Creek, which it reached its benchmark of 28 feet in 1998.

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But this time, the Big Slough’s water has never been as wide or as deep, according to Decatur County Emergency Management Director Charlie McCann who talked to longtime residents of the Big Slough area. In fact, of an estimated 30 to 35 families evacuated within the county due to the weekend’s flooding, approximately 24 are from the Big Slough area.

The unfortunate task now is to develop a new floodplain map with the Big Slough’s potential for damage mapped out. Because maps were made after the Flood of 1994 caused widespread damage, no homes built along the Flint River and Spring Creek since then have been flooded.

For some families along the Big Slough, that may be little comfort. But it will be an important part of the rebuilding process.