Wake up, Decatur County

Published 3:36 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We, the seniors of Decatur County, want to thank all the business that give to our center to help with our projects and also donate something for our bingo nights each time we have them.

Thanks to Mary Norris for her most and generous support and help. And of course our Senior Center staff, Dot Odom, Belinda Green and Betty Smith. Without these great ladies, we wouldn’t have this Senior Center at all.

We also want to thank The Post-Searchlight for their kindness in publishing our ads and our articles. Without your staff, the folks of Decatur County would not even know that we had a Senior Center in Bainbridge.

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But Bainbridge is forgetting one thing—entertainment for the seniors and ones who do not have transportation.

One more thing, Decatur County should have a marathon once a year, also someone should have some kind of activity or even a bus tour. This would bring in some kind of revenue. Because there’s nothing going on here, people go out of town for all this and it could happen here if someone would take an interest in it.

Here are a few thoughts: fashion show, boxing matches, Oldie Out Night, more outdoor movies, not just for children but seniors too … or how about using of the school buses (which we pay taxes on) on the weekends to take seniors and others to places like the national forests or Kolomoki Mounds, Swamp Gravy and other city festivals, etc.

Where I came from, all I had to do was ask a commissioner for transportation and I got it for the seniors. Of course, it was a larger city, but we have school buses even though we might not have city buses.

Or take the seniors to see the plays like “The Pajama Game.” I went to see it the other night and enjoyed it very much and thought, wouldn’t the seniors have loved to enjoy this?

Serenity Spa was kind enough last year to pay for the seniors to go to the aquarium in Albany for the day and they had such a wonderful time. Let’s not forget our seniors, they need a social life too. Thank you.

Jewel Williams