Running out of someone else’s money

Published 3:24 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prime Minister Thatcher of Briton sed this of Sochilism.

“The trouble with sochilism is that you inevible run out of someone else’s money to spend.”

For those that may not know, Pam Martin-Wells won the ’09 season’s first tournament at Neely Henry in north Alabama, it was close, 8 ounces or so I think.

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Nic Jeter, fishen Lake Oconee, had Big Fish and his partner’s boat broke down, so he hitched a ride to the scales and was disqualified for leaving his partner. He’s on his way to a lake on the Virginia and North Carolina line to fish with the Hydrilla Gnats in the six-man team trail.

Now to talk about the rain we have had since the system began to move through. Near 12 inches as measured in our gage. At one time, the entire parking lot was 2 inches deep, it could not run off as fast as it was fallen. Most of the gates on Woodruff Dam was open and Blountstown is by Tuesday to be over 4 feet above flood stage.

The hummingbirds are here, the monarchs are coming through, I saw an old pecan tree near full of green leaves, the robins went last week, that tells me that the cold freezing weather is over.  However, the Easter cool-down is still ahead of us.

Linda Shelette won the Talquin Hooker’s Club Tournament on Sunday here at Wingate’s.  There was two five-fish limits caught. Muddy, mustard colored water was just about everywhere they went and big logs floating down both rivers.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

March 29, 2009

Lake Surface Temp: 61Lake level: Above full poolClarity: Mustard colorFlint:  MuddyChattahoochee: Muddy, fastSpring Creek: MuddyReport provided by: Jack Wingate