Country boy’s stimulus

Published 8:10 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recently, there was a story in the Brewton, Ala., newspaper about a local pharmacy that gave its 19 employees $16,000 worth of $2 bills as a type of “country boy’s stimulus package.”

As the owners gave the employees the envelopes stuffed with cash, the owners requested they spend the cash in local stores and give 15 percent to charity.

The $2 were marked by the pharmacy, and as his employees spent the cash in town, the pharmacy’s owner also helped his community.

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Some say a dollar spent within the community turns over three times.

Also, this newspaper has placed ads that advocate supporting our local businesses, because by supporting them, they provide the lifeline to our way of life—our schools, our parks and recreation facilities, our roads and infrastructure, our firefighters and police officers, and the businesses that employ our residents.

Spend a quarter in Bainbridge, and that quarter can transform into a dollar flowing through the local economy.

Maybe the best way to dig out of the recession is to do what Brewton, Ala., has done—come up with a “country boy’s stimulus package” here in Decatur County.