Boyd’s BBQ and Grill goes ‘Extreme’

Published 4:58 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

Russell Boyd and his wife, Christie, along with the staff at Boyd’s BBQ & Grill were asked recently to participate in the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” project in Tallahassee, Fla.

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is a TV show that airs on ABC Channel 27 every Sunday at 8 p.m. The show is a very favorite of the Boyd’s and is dedicated to changing the lives of ordinary everyday people that are faced with physical and financial challenges of everyday life. The winners are chosen from a pool of recorded videos from people entering for a chance of a lifetime to have their house remodeled, repaired or in cases such as this one, completely torn down and rebuilt.

“This entire project operates from contributions and donations by sponsors only. There is no cost to these families and everyone involved either donated their time, services, or products at no charge,” said Boyd.

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The Kadzis family was chosen out of five entries from the Tallahassee area, which includes Mother Barbara, a lifelong teacher who was adopted herself, Father George, a prison dentist battling brain cancer, and five physically challenged children adopted from China. The hurricane damaged home was cramped, in need of repairs and especially difficult to navigate for their daughter, Melody who was born blind. The other adopted brothers and sisters face physical challenges, Julia is deaf; Martin’s right arm and hand are deformed, and Phoenix and Celeste are now having their cleft palates repaired. Aileen lost her birth father to cancer and her birth mother fled after his death. Chris, George and Barbara’s biological son and Martin, play the guitar and piano as an instrument to heal, communicate and transform. Aileen plays the flute, Melody plays the zither and Julia dances like she’s listening to every note, despite the inability to hear.

It was up to Ty Pennington and his designers to take over and make a better home to accommodate the children’s special needs and create a peaceful space for George. The Extreme Team did just that. We witnessed an absolute seven-day miracle of work. We had the opportunity to help this family by catering food for the ABC and Extreme Team’s production crew thanks to Myddelton-Parker Builders, who was the contractors donating their time and effort along with the volunteers.

In the neighborhood

After talking to Joy Bromeley, the food coordinator for this event, we offered to feed 400 people at no charge. Joy was absolutely organized and a super person for contact during this project. Ty and the Team knocked on the Kadzis’ door the morning of Feb. 21 to announce their home would be completely transformed while they were sent on vacation. Then the Team was off to each neighbor’s house to ask permission and to advise them of the Makeover that was taking place for the Kadzis family. The entire neighborhood was so kind, warming and invited the Team’s crew to gain access to their property for the seven days.

I spoke to our new friends “RJ and Big Mike,” two of the many security men for the Extreme Team, and they informed us that every neighbor who participated in accessing their property would also be awarded a new, landscaped yard and paved driveways, for any damages that the show caused. Now that’s what we call cleaning up after yourself.

We catered the meal for 250 on Saturday night, Day 1, which was the demolition night of the old house. At 9 p.m., the old house was demolished by heavy machinery and was removed by trucks within three hours. Leon County kept their landfill open 24 hours through the entire project and assisted in many areas to make this happen.

Sunday, Day 2, at 3 p.m., the foundation was complete, plumbing installed and the new well was pumping water.

Monday morning, Day 3, we were called again to cater by popular demand from Joy and the crew, to serve food that night. We arrived on the grounds to feed another 200 people at 7:30 p.m., and the house was completely dried in, and windows installed. The entire casting team, builders, security and all coordinators involved were so nice and cooperative throughout the entire project. The fulfillment you gain from such an event is overwhelming. These people made us feel just as important as the builders doing most of the work.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Day 4 and 5, most all the siding, painting, wallpapering, electrical, roofing and landscaping was taking place.

By invitation from Joy, the Builders and Extreme Team crew, my wife and I were invited to attend on Day 6, the VIP, “Front Door Steps,” which was the completion of the house 100 percent by Myddelton-Parker Builders and the keys were turned over to Ty and the designers to complete the inside decor.

While there on Thursday, Day 6, the yard was immaculate, the house was beautiful, and the Team was moving furniture in basically all night, stocking the cabinets, closets, just completing the final touches to welcome the family home on Friday. Joy asked us to be a part of the famous “Move That Bus” on Friday Day 7, when the family sees the house for the first time.

The Kadzis family arrived at 2 p.m. by limousine and the crowd was enormous, an easy 2,000 to 3,000 people. This is the part of the show when you shed a little tears, the Kadzis family live’s are completely changed forever and to see the appreciation and gratitude shown on each face is unforgettable. The support and outpour of sweat and tears the community gave is beyond belief. Thanks to all of you from the Bainbridge area who participated.

Sadly, father and husband, George, had been hospitalized prior to the Team arriving to announce the Makeover and was unable to see this event because the cancer had blinded him. The Extreme Team and architect constructed a model of the house and was able to present it to him while in the hospital. George got to touch and feel some details about the house as they described to him everything about the house and what was taking place at home.

Unfortunate and sadly, Mr. George Kadzis passed away four days after the house was completed and the funeral was held Friday, March 6. You know, it had to be the best feeling in the world for a father to know, with out a doubt, his family would now be OK. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kadzis family during this difficult time. May God bless you and your family!


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