Tax help at the library

Published 11:39 am Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tax time is here!

Are you looking for those essential federal and state tax forms?

Look to your Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library for assistance during tax time.

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Stop by and pick up the federal and state tax forms that you’re looking for.

Need help preparing and filing your taxes?

Join us every Thursday through April 9 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday, April 4, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for free tax preparation and e-filing by IRS-trained volunteers.

This is designed for families with incomes less than $39,000 per year and for individuals with incomes less than $15,000 per year.

To receive the free tax preparation and e-file, please bring the following: All W-2s and 1099s (if any), Social Security cards or Taxpayer Identification (ITIN) for all family members, a copy of your 2007 tax return (if available), a bank account and routing number (if choosing to direct deposit your refund) and a valid photo ID.

Sharpen your skills

Sharpen your computer skills by taking introductory computer classes at the Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library.

These three-day classes cover topics including an introduction to computers, Windows, Microsoft Word 2007, the Internet and e-mail.

These classes are designed for those with little to no computer experience.

Please call the library at 248-2665 to place your name on the waiting list.

Introducing: Westlaw

Need to conduct legal research?

Want to know the specifics about that particular court case?

Turn to your library for all your legal research needs. The Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library now has access to a database called Westlaw, which is provided by the Decatur County Law Library.

This is a valuable resource that allows you to look up court cases, statutes and other legal information.

Please call the library at 248-2665 for more information on this valuable resource.

Wild Blue Yonder

Have you seen the models of the aircraft at the Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library lately?

Check out these amazing model aircrafts, on display from the collection of Ralph W. Weaver.

These aircrafts are models from different military conflicts over the years, including World War II and the Vietnam War.

Come visit your library and see all of the model aircrafts on display, including the SR-71 and the F-15. While you’re here, check out some of our books on military aircraft, including “Blackbird Rising: Birth of an Aviation Legend” by Donn A. Brynes and “Beyond the Wild Blue: a History of the United States Air Force, 1947-1997” by Walter J. Boyne.