Lessons on wildlife

Published 7:40 am Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Center for Wildlife Education of Georgia Southern University recently took its show on the road and visited West Bainbridge Elementary School.

Pete Miller and Wayne Thomas of the Decatur County Flint River Soil and Conservation District along with Ben Mosley of the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission accompanied Steve Hein and Clint Collins of the Wildlife Center as students and staff were treated to an entertaining, exciting and educational wildlife presentation.

They learned about various birds of prey, including a falcon, eagle, owl and hawk and were given lots of interesting information about each. Squeals of excitement rang out as the birds took flight just inches over students’ heads as they watched from the bleachers. Several students commented that they could “feel the wind from the bird’s wings” as it flew over.

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In addition, students had the opportunity to see and hold several types of snakes and a Madagascar hissing cockroach as they learned about each.

The goals of the presentation were to educate students and increase appreciation for all forms of wildlife. Also stressed was the importance of preserving wildlife.