Gnats buzzin’, snakes crawlin’. Spring must be here

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There was one gnat in church this morning and he wore me out trying to keep him out of my eyes and ears, cain’t stand it when they git in my ears and buzz.

That’s one sign of spring and another is the snakes is crawling in many places.

We heard of one so big, he near filled a 5-gallon bucket being drug around by a very small dog. The snake was alive and didn’t bite the little dog. The cold weather is attributed to blackberry spring.

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We heard of a 10.13-pound bass taken and weighed in by Clint Brown, he let her go back to her bed. We also heard of a 7 1/2 taken first cast. The biggest bass he had ever caught. The next morning he took a 5 1/2-pound bass to make his stay with us very good.  Harry and Charlie took a 7 1\ 2-pounder on Sunday.

Bass has done very good this past week. The Baker County Bass Masters fished two days with No. 1 going to Andersons father and son team. Matt, the son, took Big Fish with 6.66 pounds. No. 2 went to Davis and Hall with 24.63 pounds, No. 3 went to Gray and Nolan with 23.44 pounds.  They all went home happy.

The FLW Florida Team Trail went like this, No. 1 Bobby Smith with 34.18 pounds of Bass, No. 2 Clint Brown with 33.41 pounds of bass and No. 3 Steve Gross with 31.86 pounds of bass. Our friend, Kevin Oleen (Swede) took Big Fish with a 7.01-pounder.

The crappie has turned on like mad, the bream and shellcrackers are doing good for those that try for them. Around 200 crappie came in with Smokie Wilson and his family landing several real big perch.

Pitchen crickets got a man so many blue gills he culled over 50 to keep 50 good hand-sized ones. Thirty shellcrackers came off one bed Friday on wigglers.

Lot of folks were disappointed at what they caught this weekend but take in consideration that the wind howled and the water dropped fast was the reason.

The Wingate Open will be held April 4 out of Wingate’s Lunker Lodge with a $100 entry fee, Big Fish pot $10.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

March 22, 2009

Lake level: Near fullClarity: Pockets near river muddyFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: Fast and cloudySpring Creek: ClearReport provided by: Jack Wingate