Burger King, not on the throne

Published 9:06 am Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, last week’s visits to Burger King were not very impressive. I actually gave them two shots at making a good impression, but both times the service wasn’t very stout. I dined both inside and took advantage of the drive through.

The service inside was not very great and it seemed that the servers were not to thrilled about having to work. I had to repeat my order twice before the server got it correct… and with just ordering a Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich, it would seem that would be easy to understand. I fixed my drink and waited for my food. After about 5 minutes or so they called my number and I got my sandwich. It was hard finding a clean table, but I finally found one in the back corner. My sandwich was quite tasty despite the fact that they threw it together and made it very sloppy. I was sure glad that I grabbed a stack of napkins to keep the mess to a minimum. Overall, the food was decent, but the appearance and the service need some improvement.

My second trip to Burger King, taking advantage of the drive through, was the next morning to get breakfast. I generally love those Hardee’s biscuits but they had a line to the street. I changed my mind and figured that I would give Burger King another shot. I pulled into the parking lot and there were a few cars sitting there and no one in line at the drive through. I though that I would use the drive through to my advantage, but boy, was I mistaken. I ordered the breakfast sandwich, which is what the sign said, and the server asked me if I wanted the sausage and egg biscuit… I said that I wanted the breakfast sandwich again, and I was then asked if I wanted a sausage biscuit? I started to drive off, but I repeated my order one more time, and asked for the breakfast sandwich, and I was then told that I was ordering a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, and was asked if that is what I wanted… I was thinking you work here, if I order a breakfast sandwich, which is what it says on the menu, then why didn’t you just give me my cost and tell me to drive around. If it is a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit then why have breakfast sandwich on it? The server and I finally got on the same page and I drove around for my breakfast sandwich. I sat at the window for nearly five minutes. I feel that this was a long time since I was the only one in line. I finally got my breakfast sandwich and was on my way. If it wasn’t for the aggravation of trying to get my order correct, my breakfast experience would have been better. The only thing that I can tell you, is lay your order out before you ever get there and tell them exactly what you want. Don’t use the short names, come out and say everything that you want on your biscuit.

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