In for some teasing

Published 8:19 pm Friday, March 20, 2009

There are people in this town who could think of no one better to roast than Charles Tyson.

Finally, during the 24th or 25th annual Pilot Club’s roast, Tyson will be on the hot seat come Thursday at the Firehouse’s Jimmy Harrell Gallery.

Bainbridge’s former city manager has evaded that privilege for many years, telling the club that as city manager, he didn’t want to take the “spotlight” from those he served—the mayor and city council members.

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Well, it’s his turn.

But hold on a minute.

Tyson may be a good target for some ribbing, but when he and his family moved here in 1986 after several stints as city manager in other cities, it was Bainbridge that they fell in love with.

While as city manager, Tyson improved the operations of the city in countless ways.

And now retired and a part-time Realtor, Tyson continues to make his mark for the betterment of the city.

For example, he has secured funding for renovating the historic Chamber of Commerce Building—the boyhood home of the late Mayor Bill Reynolds—at the Boat Basin and is ensuring its renovation is successful.

The 76-year-old also served as the chamber’s interim president for several months last year.

The Pilot Club roast is a fun evening, ribbing someone who doesn’t mind ribbing others. But it could also be an event to acknowledge a public servant who has embraced this city and made it better.