Caps with ‘bling’ help Relay for Life

Published 7:27 am Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lisa Jones, on the right and a pharmacy tech at Memorial Hospital, found a creative way to raise money for Relay for Life and recycle plastic vial caps, as well. After seeing a sample of name badge holders made from discarded vial caps, Jones decided to make some herself and sell them for $3 each to raise money for Relay for Life. The entire staff in the hospital pharmacy pitched in to make the badge holders in a variety of color combinations to sell to hospital employees. They attached Velcro to each holder so that employees could interchange the colors to match their scrubs. They also added a little “bling” by attaching a jeweled center to each holder. The pharmacy staff raised more than $300 by selling badge holders and have taken orders for custom colors. “The plastic vial caps are usually discarded after vials of injectable medications are opened, but Lisa found a creative way to raise money for Relay for Life while helping the environment at the same time,” said Melodee Loeffler, in the center and a registered pharmacist. On the left is Marcia Brock, R.Ph.

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