The good and the bad

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad news, Rattlesnakes are out, crawlin round bling and hungry, so watch your step. Two- to 5-footer killed local.

Good news, the tomato folks are setting plants like mad. They feel that the freezes are over for this year, hope they are right.

Good and bad, Paul Tyre fishes with a small Jack Russell dog. Coming in just out of the cut, Paul past threw a pile of coots, she must have jumped in to get her a coot. Well, when they got to the dock, they found her missing, went back to where they saw her last and worked slowly back to the dock. No dog. Next morning, bout 7, phone rang, someone had found her on an island. Happy dog, happy Paul.

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The C&R Bass Series placed this way, No. 1 was Reynolds and Bush with 21.05 pounds, No. 2 was McCollum and Predmore with 20.8 pounds, and No. 3 was Howell and Roach with 14.5 pounds. Big Fish went to Martin and Martin with 6.05 pounds.

The Sunshine Bassmasters went like this—No. 1 was Eddie Catsup with 18 pounds and Big Fish at 7.8 pounds, No. 2 was Kim Brown with 15 pounds and Newt Durum with 14 pounds.

The Tri-States Bass Club fished a good crowd Sunday, No. 1 went to Reggie Calhoun with 12.39 pounds, No. 2 went to Ed Griffin with 11 pounds. He also had the Big Fish with 4.07 pounds, No. 3 went to Russell Bryant with 11.44 pounds. It was right funny Reggie’s wife was fishen with him and had three fish in the boat before Reggie put one in. I tole him that I would not have tole that to my friends.

The Bacon County Bassmasters had two young fishermen with them. Caleb Crews of Glen St. Marys took a 4 1/2-pound bass while his little cousin, Kelly Crews took a 2 1/2-pound bass. Fishen with the kin. The leader the first day had 15 pounds of bass.

The Wilson crowd has been out catfishin again. Mr. Smokie and all his grandkids, 13 in all, went out and caught a huge mess including a 30-pounder. Little Thomas Wilson, age 6, brought him in. That’s a good fish fry.

It’s been a good week on bass, but loads of perch has been taken, also two shellcracker beds showed up with several coolers of the tasty little critters being taken. One boat got 40 on crickets, however, wigglers is the bait for shellcrackers. Well, I better stop scriblin, go home and dig bait to get ready for shellcracker season.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

March 15, 2009

Lake surface temp: 63Lake level: Down 8 inchesClarity: Muddy with pockets clearFlint: MuddyChattahoochee: ClearingSpring Creek: Clear mostlyReport provided by: Jack Wingate