Student Artsfest art winners

Published 7:20 am Monday, March 16, 2009

Each year, the students in Decatur County can showcase their artistic ability by portraying the state Artsfest annually highlights, which this year is Rhode Island.

On Friday at the Firehouse Center and Gallery, each of the winners in the four grade categories were recognized.

Countywide winners

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The following are the winners for the countywide contest:

High school

First place: Ja’Quavious Jones, Bainbridge High School

Second place: Danae Brinson, BHS

Third place: Luci Reynolds, BHS

Honorable mention: Brian McMillan, BHS

6th – 8th grades

First place: Caroline New, eighth-grader at Hutto Middle School

Second place: Veronica Harrell, eighth-grader at Grace Christian Academy

Third place: Maddie McIntosh, eighth-grader at West Bainbridge Middle School

Honorable mention: Kiin Kirkland

3rd – 5th grades

First place: Daniel Poitevint, fifth-grader at Elcan-King Elementary School

Second place: Ellie Rabon, fourth-grader at Grace Christian Academy

Third place: Clark Wiggins , fourth-grader at John Johnson Elementary School

Prekindergarten – 2nd grades

First place: Katie Calhoun, second-grader at John Johnson Elementary School

Second place: Lily Reynolds, first-grader at Elcan-King Elementary School

Third place: Kasin Taylor, prekindergartner at West Bainbridge Elementary School winners

The following are the winners for each school:

High school

First place: Bainbridge High School, Ja’Quavious Jones; Home school, Levi Adkins

Second place: Bainbridge High, Danae Brinson; Home school, Cherise Dryden

Third place: Bainbridge High, Luci Reynolds

Honorable mention: Bainbridge High, Sharmella Hosey and Kiin Kirkland

6th – 8th grades

First place: Hutto, Caroline New; West Bainbridge Middle School, Maddie McIntosh; Home school, Joshua Vann Lane; Grace, Veronica Harrell

Second place: Hutto, Brian McMillan; West Bainbridge Middle School, Sydney Manley; Grace, Shelby Woodrum

Third place: Hutto, Taylor Harrison; West Bainbridge Middle School, Josilyn Odom ; Grace, Lydia Thompson

Honorable mention: Hutto, Michael Tome and Khamyri Harper; West Bainbridge Middle School, Searcy Smith and Isis Crawford; Grace, Jeremiah Register and Austin McQuaid

3rd – 5th grades

First place: Elcan-King Elementary School, Daniel Poitevint; Grace Christian Academy, Ellie Rabon; John Johnson Elementary School, Clark Wiggins; Jones-Wheat Elementary School, Miranda Glass; Lillian E. Williams, Elisia Everson; Potter Street Elementary School, Codie Gill; West Bainbridge Elementary School, Rashaad Brown

Second place: Elcan-King Elementary, Gino Pallotti; Grace Christian, Collin Woodrum; John Johnson Elementary, Heven Davis; Jones-Wheat Elementary, Natalie Edmunds; Lillian E. Williams, Shamya Miller; Potter Street Elementary, Nicholas Hancock; West Bainbridge Elementary, Sawyer Hall

Third place: Elcan-King, Abbie Chason; Jones-Wheat, Malcolm Shepard; Grace Christian, Hannah Klock; Lillian E. Williams, Antehyia Odom; Potter Street, Brook Gordon; John Johnson, Andrew Charkan; West Bainbridge Elementary, Chante Fountain

Prekindergarten – 2nd grades

First place: Elcan-King, Lily Reynolds; Grace Christian, Jared Hiers; John Johnson, Katie Calhoun; Jones-Wheat, Lauren Howard; Lillian E. Williams, Adriana Gomez; Potter Street, Nadia Lerma; West Bainbridge Elementary, Kasin Taylor; Home school, Logan Spooner

Second place: Elcan-King, Ananda Williams; Grace Christian, Daryn Lambert; John Johnson, Austin Aldridge; Jones-Wheat, Joshua Sarpong; Lillian E. Williams, Zyesha Johnson; Potter Street, Angel Guzman; West Bainbridge Elementary, Dorian Glover

Third place: Elcan-King, Aubrey Chapman; Jones-Wheat, Shamira Hayes; Grace Christian, Callie Widner; Lillian E. Williams, Emily Mendoza; Potter Street, Kenya Miller; John Johnson, Eliel Lopez; West Bainbridge Elementary, Tyler Lee Chambless.