Riverside Artsfest Literary Contest Results

Published 4:36 pm Monday, March 16, 2009

The results of the Riverside Artsfest Literary Contest for 2009 are in!

We thank all who entered and congratulate the winners. Check prizes will be distributed on Wednesday, March 20, at the noon Brown Bag at the gazebo in Willis Park.

Remember, the purpose of the contest is to encourage the written arts in our area; so, all you authors keep practicing and plan to enter next year.

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Adult winners

In the adult contest, the winners are:

Short fiction

First place, Jeffery Morgan Dowdy, “The Proper Form”Second place, Marie Stapleton, “If I Had Known”Third place, Bridget G. Edison, “Beautiful Angel”


First place, Sally Miller, “Expectations on a New England Morning”Second place, Rayna Andrews, “Cats”Third place, Tina Kinchen, “The Thirteenth Colony”

Student winners

In the student contest, the winners are separated by grade level, such as K-2 signifies kindergarten through second grade, etc. The student winners are the following:

K-2 Poetry

First place, Kodi Hanson, first grade, West Bainbridge Elementary, “The Bees and me” Second place, Gage Kempton, second grade, Jones-Wheat Elementary, “The Crazy Fox” Third place, Jaylon Taylor, second grade, Potter Street Elementary “Rhode Island

K-2 Short fiction

First place, Jariyah Lewis, first grade, West Bainbridge Elementary, “The Magic Wand” Second place Morgan Sykes, second grade, Elcan-King Elementary, “Flying Isn’t Fun” Third place, Kacee Breeden, second grade, Elcan-King Elementary, “The Closet”

3-5 Poetry

First place, Thomas Clark, fourth grade, Jones-Wheat Elementary, “The Game” Second place, Kaitlin Tomlinson, fourth grade, Jones-Wheat Elementary, “My Name Is Kaitlin” Third place, Tazavia Cooper, fifth grade, West Bainbridge Elementary, “To Be Your Grandson” Honorable mention, Jones Gossett, fifth grade, John Johnson Elementary, “ The Fat Old Lady”

3-5 Short fiction

First place, Mattie Winburn, third grade, Grace Christian Academy, “The Missing Bulb” Second place, Jack McRae, fifth grade, Grace Christian Academy, “Security Guard” Third place, Sawyer Hall, fifth grade, West Bainbridge Elementary, “The Big Surprise”

6-8 Poetry

First place, Sarah Knight, eighth grade, Hutto Middle School, “Killing Beauty” Second place, Sarah Giles, eighth grade, West Bainbridge Middle School, “Grandpa 9” Third place, Aleyna Rentz, eighth grade, West Bainbridge Middle School, “The Tale of Lola”

6-8 Short fiction

First place, Brooke Parker, seventh grade, West Bainbridge Middle School, “Desk Drawing” Second place, Sarah Grace Carpenter, seventh grade, Grace Christian Academy, “Songbyrds” Third place, Aleyna Rentz, eighth grade, West Bainbridge Middle School, “Secret Admirer”

9-12 Poetry

First place, Lauren Carraway, ninth grade, Grace Christian Academy, “Adventure” Second place, Maria Secundino, 11th grade, Bainbridge High School, “Roses” Third place, Lucie Reynolds, 10th grade, Bainbridge High School, “Lost Change”

9-12 Short fiction

First place, Jake Tobin, 12th grade, Bainbridge High School, “Rage Against the Dying of the Light” Second place, Cherise Dryden, ninth grade, home school, “Lighthouse” Third place, Kayla Hurley, 12th grade, Bainbridge High School “Today we’re 16”