Recognizing social workers

Published 3:35 pm Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Editor:

March is National Social Work Month. Social Workers across this great nation provide so many valuable services to people of all ages, specifically for children and for the vast aging population.

Our social worker, Demetria Cotton, at Wiregrass Hospice works diligently to bring multiple services to our patients and families. She provides emotional support, counseling and utilizes community resources among many other invaluable services. She constantly goes the extra mile to ensure that our patients live the highest quality of life. “Demetria Cotton works so flawlessly in helping to be the “Problem Solver” and “Peace Keeper” for our patients. She works daily on ways to close up any loose ends that may be causing our patients and their family grief during their already difficult time. Demetria is one of the many key employees of hospice that help to make up the “heart” of what Wiregrass Hospice is and does here in Bainbridge, Georgia and all of the areas that we service.”, Melanie Enfmger, Branch Director.

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We at Wiregrass Hospice salute all social workers and admire the incredible work they do on a daily basis. Your days may some times seem difficult, but know that your work is appreciated and you are making a tremendous impact on many lives.

Sincerely,Melanie EnfingerThe Staff of Wiregrass Hospice–Bainbridge