Hope for the future

Published 7:21 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When a local industry stops its operations, it’s tough on everyone involved—for the business’ officials, who must make the difficult decision to cease because there is just no other option; for the managers, who are given the difficult task of breaking the news, and for the employees and their families who must bear the stress of finding other work and cope with the realities of life change.

For the former employees at American Fibers and Yarn, which shut down in 2008, and for the employees of TRACO, which will suspend its operations in several weeks, our hearts go out to you.

Sometimes in the midst of a storm, it’s difficult to imagine the sun returning to the sky. But as President Obama and others have reminded us, Americans are a resilient people.

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We hope that after we reach the trough of this economic downturn, and things start getting better, the jobs that have been lost will be replaced or restored.

For TRACO specifically, we hope the suspension is only a temporary one, and that the company will be able to resume production at the Industrial Air Park in the future.