A lock on Decatur County

Published 11:59 am Tuesday, March 10, 2009

President Obama is getting more than his fair share of the blame for the trillions of taxpayers money give-a-ways and congressional earmarks to select individuals, groups and organizations.

Some of the blame for this must be shared with the members of Congress and the voters who return them to Congress for a political life time (20 to 30 years), which guarantees the benefits, entitlements and pork coming back to the district in return for their vote. This is not the way our forefathers intended it to be. Greed changed it.

Decatur County’s voice in Washington is 16 years going on 20 Democrat Congressman Sanford Bishop. He is the direct reflection of the majority of Decatur County voters political beliefs and personal values. This includes many who speak conservative and patriotic in public, but vote socialist with their ballot and pocket book.

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At election time Congressman Bishop reminds you that he has been working for you and not himself as he exchanges his party line vote for your pork. Some of the earmarks, benefits, entitlements and pork he delivered to 2nd District last Congress included $23 million for agriculture, $44 million for education, health and human services, $6 million for energy and water, and $11 million for housing, community development and transportation. There was more in other areas.

There is no way a Decatur County non-benefiting taxpayer will ever know the dollar breakdown of where and to who all these millions went. The money authorization and distribution system is designed to prevent full disclosure of who for what. It is this way for a reason. This exchange of pork for voters guarantee the incumbent congressman a lock on the seat. He who delivers the pork buys the votes. Congressman Bishop has a lock on Decatur County voters. He can only defeat himself. No conservative or Republican need apply.

Today more than half the people in America pay no income tax. These same people receive 60 percent of government benefits. Its no secret they block vote Democrat. It appears President Obama and Congressman Bishop will be re-elected for the next eight years. Today they are spending your children and grandchildren’s wealth yet to be created. How are you going to explain to them why they should be responsible and suffer to pay the trillion dollar tax bills coming due plus the trillions of interest on top? Why would any caring and loving parent do this to their children and grandchildren? Do you really think that some how, some way, they will not figure out that your appetite for pork and your vote did this to them?

Guy BarberBainbridge, Ga.