Results of the Port City championship

Published 2:13 pm Friday, March 6, 2009

The 8th Annual Port City USBC Championships have just completed, and here are the unofficial results!

First off, we would like to congratulate Charles Wilson for rolling a perfect 300 game during the open doubles event! It’s the first one ever rolled in our city tournament, and it is his first one, also. Congratulations, Charles!

This tournament is split into two divisions, open and women.

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Let’s start with the team event.

In the women’s division, we have “Mind in the Gutter” (from the Thursday Morning Ladies) winning with 2,633 handicap pinfall and “Lucky Four” taking second with a score of 2,577.

The open division was won by “Lucky Strike” (Monday Night Mixed) with a score of 2,828. Second place belongs to “Sleven” with a 2,797. Third place went to “Timberland Ford” with 2,765.

Doubles event is next and the Women’s Division was topped by Mary Rykard and Paulette Vowell with a score of 1,326.

Second place was taken by Joyce Murray and Valerie Schultz with a score of 1,304, and coming in third was Louise Bates and Jane Baker with a 1,233. The open division was won by the husband and wife team of Lisa and Ron Shreves with a total handicap pinfall of 1,465. Second belongs to Bob Allen and James Watts with a 1,420. Third place belongs to Justin Cooper and Glenn Rykard with a 1,368.

Singles event had some impressive scores, also.

First place in the women’s division goes to Lisa Shreves with a massive handicap score of 782! Second went to Joyce Murray with a 701 and third went to LaVerne Holman with a score of 667.

The open division was won by Frank Grunewald with a 751 set. Second was taken by Alex Bell with a score of 722. Justin Cooper ended up in third with a 702 series.

All events is the total of all the games an individual bowls in the tournament, or in reality, the first three games bowled in each event.

The women’s division had Mary Rykard winning with a handicap series of 1,955, and Valerie Schultz in second with a score of 1,938.

The open division (Scratch) was won by Charles Wilson with a score of 1,886. He was helped by that mighty 300 game. Second went to Russell Brown with a score of 1,839, and Alan Giles finished third with a 1,817.

The handicap open all-events winner was Frank Grunewald with a nice 2,121 series. Glenn Rykard came in second with a 2,074 pin count, and Charles Wilson finished in third with a 1,839 total.

We opened up the tournament to include one night that was usually set aside for league play. We increased participation by nearly 100 percent in the team event!

Thank you, Monday Night Mixed for trying this experiment, and I hope you will make this a tradition. Thanks to Mary Rykard for running the tournament, and to Amanda for being a big help.

Our regular No-Tap is on schedule to bowl March 8 (second Sunday), and for this month only, the Scotch Doubles will be held on Sunday, March 15.

I will catch up our league bowling in the next installment, which I am writing right now! So don’t think I’ve missed your great score, I’m looking at. Keep looking in the paper, it will be there for all to see!

Until next time,

Keep On Bowling!