Precincts confusion

Published 3:56 pm Friday, March 6, 2009

This memo attempts to resolve some confusion about the proposed voting precinct changes being considered by the county.

The Feb. 25 edition of The Post-Searchlight incorrectly stated that “Decatur County commissioners may soon consider changes to where people vote.”

Any change in established voting precinct polling places is governed by Georgia law, subject to approval by the Department of Justice. O.C.G.A. 21-2-262 provides that the Board of Elections and Registration (formerly the election superintendent and board of registrars) may investigate the formation of one or more precincts out of two or more existing precincts or parts thereof or the consolidation of adjoining precincts. After a fill investigation (which is what we’re doing now) the Board of Elections and Registration may make such order of consolidation of precincts as will, in the board’s opinion, “promote the convenience of electors and the public interest.”

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Any proposed change in precinct lines must be publicized in the local newspaper, and the public must be allowed 10 days to file objections with the board before the board makes a final order to consolidate any precincts.

There appears to be considerable community interest in the proposed changes. The Board of Elections and Registration will evaluate all input in this matter before making any final decisions. Note that the Board of Commissioners has no responsibility in this process.

J. Brown MoseleyDecatur County Attorney