“The Deli” is expensively delicious

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My first though when I walked through the door at Port City Deli was, “Man, the economy has not affected these guys!” The line was nearly to the door and only a few tables remained empty. I was worried that my lunch break was going to be taken up by just waiting in line, but boy to my surprise, the “busy bodies” behind the counter held their composure and got everyone through the line and all of the orders prepared in a timely fashion with no mistakes.

The menu consists of several wraps, sandwiches, chips, soups, salads, and more! This is a genuine sandwich shop. The biggest downfall to eating at “The Deli” is that your pocket is hurting when you pay for your food. An average meal costs around $9 per person, which includes most sandwiches and wraps with a side and a regular sized drink.

Once you order, you fix yourself something to drink and you seat yourself. Once they finish fixing your meal, they will bring it to you. You always eat with “Fine China” which is usually your hands and plastic utensils, but for this type of meal, it is perfectly ok.

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Even though the meals are pricy, the food is always delicious which makes it worth paying for. Overall, “The Deli” is a fine place to catch a quick, delicious meal, and you are always treated well, which will keep you coming back from more.