A look at the Classic

Published 9:51 am Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you believe at the end of the first day fishen in the ’09 Bassmaster Classic would look like this?

The bottom 10 was somthing like this:

10. Shaw Grigsby; 9. Tommy Horten; 8. Peter Thilveros; 7. Kevin Van-Dam; 6. Kim Bain-Moore; 5. Gary Klien; 4. Kotaro Kiriyama; 3. Bryan Hodgins; 2. Bryan Velvick; 1. Dustin Wilkes.

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Rock bottom

This is the largest amount of top fishermen I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve been connected with the classic. Detrout was bad enough, when the winner had bout 15 pounds for three days fishen.

The first day had the winner Boyd Duckett with 20.3, Jami Fralick with 19.3, Fred Roumbanis with 18.4, Aaron Martens with 18 poinds and big fish 7.1 pounds. These and a lot more fine fishermen were just ounces apart, for the top 25 places.

Now, after a brief rest and food and a little sleep, wind risin and a change of direstion and rain the end of the second days fishen wound up something like this: 1. Skeet Reese with 38 pounds; 2. Kelly Jorden with 35; 3. Mark Davis with 33; and 4. Casey Ashley with 32.

Davy Hite had big fish 7.6 pounds. All of these going on with 22,000 people seated in the convention center we caught the last bus from the boat show to the convention center, 10 buses were stopped because of the crowed conditions, no one else were allowed to enter at the wiegh-in. The reason, I think was that Bossier City had a big Mardi-grawparade that will go on most all nite, the temp will drop into the hi 20’s tonite.

At 2 A.M. Saterday nite, I was again visited by my hard rock frends “kidney stone” and his little frends “bebble and grit” WOW, do they feel good when they leave my body!!

One great thing that I have noticed here is not everywhere that the classic is held, that is how the boater on the lake stay away from the stars that are fishing for the Top Place, that is however the Creol way, respect, welcome, frendship and come on in, there’s plenny for all.

The finel days whiegh win was like this, first, Skeet Reese, 54.13; second, Mike Ikanelli, 54.2; Brian Snowden, 52.14, you can bet that the Bassmaster Classic will be back here in the future. Bigh Fish remaind at 7.1 by Aaron Martens.

No Lake report.