Not a quiet show

Published 3:32 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Valentine’s night, I was reminded why I drive the 45 minutes to Tallahassee or the hour and a half to Albany to see a movie.

Not having the kids for a night, my fiancé and I decided to go out to a movie here in town. Big mistake!

Before the show even started, the attendant had to come into the theater twice to calm the teenagers in the back. He told them to get quiet or they would be kicked out.

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Once the movie started it was even worse. Between the hopping from seat to seat, yelling, giggling and cell phones ringing, no one could watch this movie we paid $6 each to see.

The couple behind us complained, and once again they were threatened with being kicked out. By halfway through the movie I was so mad we decided to leave. Once outside, the attendant apologized and offered free tickets to another show. While standing in the lobby we realized we had been in the “quiet” show. There was actually a police officer in the lobby to help control the rowdy kids.

Do parents not teach their children respect for others anymore?

How safe is the rest of Bainbridge when four officers have to be around the movie theater?

What is happening here? If our local businesses are going to survive, we need to buy local, but who is going to pay to see a movie they can’t even watch because of a bunch of juvenile delinquents, when they can drive a few miles and see it in peace!

Parents, get a grip on your kids!

Rebecca ClementsBainbridge, Ga.