Nice anthem addition

Published 4:49 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A note out of the past, that lets me know that America is on the right track.

At the BASS Southern Open on the Harris Chain, when the National Anthem was being played, four bald eagles set up a circle pattern and kept circling for some time.

The Seminole Division of C&R Tournament Series took place in 17-degree weather. The wind was about 15 to 18 miles per hour.  Matt Baty won it with 18.85 pounds of bass and a 6.75-pound big fish. Mr. Clay Johns of Covington, Ga., had a 9-pound bass he caught. A fine bass note in a tournament though. Mr. Brown came in with a 12-pound striper and a 4-pound hybrid.

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With lots of bass being taken, the crappie is still the fish of the week. Twenty-eight crappie, shallow on minnows, 35 crappie on minnows and jigs, two limits of crappie on minnows, 45 crappie taken shallow on minnows. One family bought five minnow buckets and four dozen minnows in each.

Bainbridge Bass Club fished Lake Talquin on Feb. 7. These were the results: first place, Don Hensley with 11.31 pounds and Big Fish at 5.46 pounds; second place, Vic Pickles with 9.43 pounds and third place, Justin Brooks with 8.83 pounds.

Now for a look at our food supply in Decatur County.  The county is 598.8 square miles of land mass, cotton at 29,216 acres, soybeans 5,933 acres, peanuts 26,247 acres, corn 23,000 acres, peppers 9 acres, carrots 428.8 acres, red potatoes 2 acres, sweet potatoes 7 acres, eggplant 5 acres, tomatoes 1,746.8 acres, yellow squash 122 acres, zuchini 33.8 acres, pecans 1,031.3 acres, apples 4.4 acres, and peaches 23.7 acres. A total land in cultivation, 160.439. And, by the way, the Apple Snail is growing in leaps and bounds in Lake Seminole.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

February 8, 2009

Lake surface temp: 58Lake level: Down 5 inchesClarity: DingyFlint: DingyChattahoochee: Lite stainSpring Creek: ClearReport provided by: Jack Wingate