Deserving kudos

Published 4:00 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

In times of emergency, when people find themselves in distress, it is always amazing the number of people who are willing to come to your aid. We always expect friends and family to be there, but it is the complete stranger that lends a hand that will humble even the strongest man.

On Wednesday night, a semi-trailer truck that contained more than 100 cows overturned on the U.S. 27/84 Bypass in Bainbridge. A number of the calves escaped from the truck, but the majority were still inside, making it a challenging task to get the truck uprighted due to the weight of the animals inside. Several dozen cows were badly injured or killed as a result of the accident.

That night, when temperatures dipped below freezing, a number of Decatur County citizens showed their true colors, lending a hand to local law enforcement and various other city employees to get the job done. Citizens showed up with trucks, trailers, horses and tools to help get the animals out of the truck, capture the missing calves and maintain control of the calves while the wrecker service and police did their jobs.

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It took a great deal of cooperation to make it all work. From the officers who controlled traffic when the accident occurred, to those who braved the cold to look for the missing calves, to the local citizens who rode on horseback to help catch the calves that escaped, everyone involved deserves kudos for “a job well done.”