Something nice

Published 7:31 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If there was anything that Saturday’s dedication of a tennis pavilion to Sam Howell proved, it is that nice deeds done by nice guys—no matter how humble—make a difference.

The Bainbridge Tennis Association dedicated the Sam Howell Pavilion at the Bill Reynolds Tennis Center.

It was a nice recognition to a nice guy.

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Mr. Howell died in January 2008, but his unassuming good deeds touched many lives, many beyond those in the tennis community.

Sure, Mr. Howell loved tennis. But his wife, Kathy, said he also loved animals and loved helping people.

She said on one Christmas morning he poured concrete at a little girl’s house because she needed to have a handicapped ramp eventually put in.

Mrs. Howell said after he died, people she didn’t know relayed story after story of how Mr. Howell helped them—everything from helping their pet get medical attention and paying for it to loaning a buddy his dump trailer.

If he could help you, he did. And he did it quietly and unassuming.

Even though Mr. Howell isn’t with us anymore, it’s nice to know that some good deeds—no matter how small—just don’t get forgotten.