Taxes are for everyone

Published 4:09 pm Friday, January 30, 2009

Local taxation and local funds are not just for locals.

When I watched the resulting events after Captain Sullenburger made a perfect ditching of his Airbus jetliner in the Hudson River, I marveled at his performance. Then reality set in. The truly great event could have been erased if no body came out to the plane to rescue the crash survivors from certain death in the icy water that would surely soon surround them.

Within moments, New York harbor boats and ferry boats and rescue boats of every kind simply began the orderly transporting of plane passengers and crew from a state of controlled terror to complete safety. This operation was spontaneous and conducted without having to “standby for instructions or await orders.” It was successful due to purchasing good equipment and training.

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Where did those boats come from and who paid for them?

The airliner bound from New York to North Carolina carried people who may have never paid a cent of New York taxes. Yet they, and their families, are grateful recipients of what those taxes provided. Whether we are Georgians or Carolinians, we will all get the benefit of the taxes collected from New Yorkers if we have the occasion to get into a “jam” in New York. It will work the same way when some wayfaring traveler, a distant relative or a friend travels to Decatur County and meets misfortune.

Basically, we are all served from the tax revenue dipper. We will never be asked to show an ID before getting necessary emergency assistance only to be refused because we are not “from there.”

Officeholders of every kind get “beaten up” over the subject of taxes, especially when taxes go up. Yet we owe our safety, health, protection, sanitation, education, relaxation and rescuing, to taxes.

As for you in New York and Decatur County who collect and spend those tax dollars, if times get hard and you feel like you must cut back, please leave the “boats” alone!

Terry Ellis