Office equipment stolen from church

Published 2:14 pm Friday, January 30, 2009

More than $1,000 worth of office equipment was reported stolen from Mount Zion Church in Bainbridge.

On Jan. 27, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported burglary that had occured at the church located on Mount Zion Church Road. Deputies were shown a broken window on the southwest side of the building. Upon searching the building they found a secretarial office door had been forced open. Missing from the office was a computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, internet modem and set of computer speakers. The value of the items was estimated to total $1,130.

Crime Scene Investigator Captain Gale Boyer and Sheriff’s Investigator Brian Donalson processed the scene for fingerprints.

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Fans don’t let fans drive drunk

Atlanta—There will be many anxious moments on the field as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals face-off this weekend in the biggest gridiron match of the year, but the Super Bowl XLIII title only seems like a matter of life and death to super-fans. It’s your trip home from the game that could truly turn out to be a life altering experience if you ride along with an impaired driver.

When the game day stats are in, Super Bowl Sunday still ranks as one of the year’s most dangerous days on the nation’s roadways—due to drunk driving.

Unfortunately, the deadly stats of Super Bowl Sunday are nothing new. During all of 2007, 32 percent of all traffic fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers. However on Super Bowl Sunday XLII, the number of traffic fatals where the driver had a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 or higher jumped to 48 percent.

And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), those results were no statistical anomaly. During Super Bowl XLI weekend, 39 percent of all traffic fatalities during the 2006 Super Bowl weekend involved impaired drivers with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels of .08 or higher.

GOHS crash stats can already project a victim profile of the most likely DUI crash fatalities because the game day stats don’t lie. NHTSA reports show that young males, ages 21 to 34, are most likely to be involved in DUI car crashes. Why? Because that demographic is most likely to drive while impaired and among the least likely to wear safety belts. Incidentally, research also shows this same age group is the core audience for major sporting events—like the Super Bowl.

Here are three proven tips to help anyone manipulate Super Bowl odds in their favor: don’t drink and drive, plan for a designated driver and always buckle your safety belt—it’s still your best protection against an unexpected encounter with an impaired driver.

If you host a Super Bowl party, make these safety tips part of your playbook to ensure you and your guests stay safe on the day of the big game:

• Before kickoff, make sure your guests have designated sober drivers;

• Never serve alcohol to guests under 21 years of age;

• Serve plenty of food…And include soft drinks, juice and water;

• Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter (just like NFL stadiums) and start serving coffee and dessert instead;

• Take car keys from anyone who thinks about driving impaired;

• Keep the numbers for local cab companies on hand for impaired guests.

Arrests & Citations

The following arrests and citations, occurring between Jan. 20-22, have been reported by Bainbridge Public Safety and the Decatur County Jail:

• Kendrick Caldwell, 19, 902 James St., Bainbridge, failure to appear—original charge driving while unlicensed, SO;

• Vallery Marie Caldwell, 37, 902 James St., Bainbridge, deposit account fraud, SO;

• Erica Michelle Allen, 18, 1116, MLK Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• George Allen Andrews, 52, 170 Andrews Ave., Bainbridge, failure to stop for stop sign, fleeing or attempting to elude, DUI, failure to maintain lane, obstruction, open container, refusing to sign citation, BPS;

• Carl Henry Boothe, 64, Valdosta, Ga., failure to appear—original charge failure to register for sex offender, SO;

• Ellis Christopher Borden, 24, 1039 E. Evans St., Bainbridge, driving while license suspended or revoked, GSP;

• Allen Michael Crocket, 23, Iron City, Ga., DUI, driving without license on person, speeding, GSP;

• Darria Tyrone Gammons, 47, Marianna, Fla., parole violation—original charge possession of cocaine, Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole;

• Franklin O’Neal Gause, 25, 148 Boyde Road, Bainbridge, DUI, driving without license, no insurance, duty upon striking fixture, failure to stop for stop sign, BPS;

• Daniel Scott Glass, 44, 2554 Lake Douglas Road, Bainbridge, DUI, GSP;

• Laura Oates Holley, 26, Cairo, Ga., DUI, GSP;

• Cashonda Felicia Jackson, 27, 2206 Fowlstown Road, Lot 8, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, interfering with law enforcement, BPS;

• Jermaine Jackson, 32, 200 S. Miller Ave., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, BPS;

• Eddie Marquez, 23, Moultrie, Ga., giving false name, interfering with officer, driving without license, fleeing or attempting to elude, BPS;

• Donice James Moulton, 30, 1011 E. Broughton St., Bainbridge, failure to appear—original charge theft by taking, SO;

• Shelby Coleman Roney, 34, Donalsonville, Ga., parole violation—original charge possession pseudophedrine, BPS;

• Joe Frank Seward, 50, Attapulgus, Ga., driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane, DUI, SO;

• Curtis Lee Harris, 28, 851 MLK Jr. Drive, Apt. 4-A, Bainbridge, probation violation—original charge disorderly conduct, SO;

• Cody Terrell Stinson, 30, 710 Gordon Avenue, Apt. H-32, deposit account fraud, SO;

• Eddie Andrew Jackson, 19, 2980 Tallahassee Hwy., Bainbridge, obstruction, BPS;

• Nathaniel Baulkman, 68, 912 N. Sims St., Apt. 18-A, Bainbridge, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Bobby Pough, 17, 651 Broughton St., Bainbridge, shoplifting, BPS;

• Marko Samuel, 17, 1309 Troupe St., Bainbridge, shoplifting, BPS;

• Krystal Linsey, 25, 864 Colquitt Hwy., Bainbridge, shoplifting, BPS;