Kendrick does it again, for real

Published 2:21 pm Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello, bowlers! Long time, no see!

We’ve been busy around here, getting the second half of the season under way. Speaking of that, if I haven’t hit your company up to place a team in the upcoming Thursday Merchants Short Season Bowling League, please be advised that we need only eight teams (or businesses) to make this thing work.

A team can be made up of employees, customers or family. As a bonus, each member of the team gets a custom drilled bowling ball at the completion of the league.

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Good start

Joey Kendrick started the new year off right. He rolled his second 300 game.

If you remember, he rolled one last year, but it was in a pre-bowl situation, so the score counts as an achievement, but no ring came with it. Well, this time he gets the ring. Congratulations, Joey!

The scores

Now on to the scores!

The Monday Night Mixed League winners of the first half are the. “Under Dogs.”

Early in the second we have a three-way tie for first, “Scarbrough State Farm,” “YMCA” and “Fourplay.” The best scores this time were shot by Keith Sellars, with 227; Justin Amaro, rolling a 224, and Alan Giles shooting a 214.

The ladies were led by Mary Rykard with a 196 game followed by Joyce Murray with a 193. Alan Giles had the top series of 595, Evelyn Hughes led the ladies with 521.

In the NFL Doubles on Tuesdays, the “Colts” won the first half. The best games this outing were rolled by Kendrick Williams, 253; Lou Hardy with a 247, and Mike Snowden with a 244. Mary Rykard led the ladies with a 191 game, and Angie Goodwin shot a 189.

In the Wednesday SuperMixed, “Yeah Baby!!” won the roll-off against “Just Do It!” to take first place for the first third. The big games this time belong to Joey Kendrick with that 300; Daryl Wolf, 259, and David Beck, 253. The women had Teresa Scanian with the best game, 236. Gina Bollotta rolled a 208. Wolf had the best series, 726, and Scanian shot a 598 series.

Thursday Morning Coffee ladies have the “Pin Breakers” in a 12-point lead over “Pin Pals.” Judy Jones led the girls this time with a 186 game, followed by Norma Bryan with a 181. Jones had the best series, 503.

In the Friday Rollers, “Apogee” persevered and won the first half. Fred Stanley leads the scoring this time, rolling a 265 game. Kendrick Williams shot a 234 game, and Rick Cierpik rolled a 227. Diann Potter led the ladies with a 215 game and 500 series. Stanley had the best series for the men, 654.

The Saturday AM Youth Bowlers has “The Three Stooges” leading by eight points over Team 3. Tanner Jackson (welcome back) leads the boys this week with a 174 game. Alex Brinson bowled a 164, and Michael Evans rolled a 162. Heather Watts had the best game for the girls, 139, and Lane Jackson (welcome back) had a 121.

If I missed your “big game,” tell me about it so I can make you famous in the paper.

So much to say, so little time!

Until, next time, Keep On Bowling!